Great Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

Often the most fun Christmas gifts are the teeny tiny ones to be found inside your Christmas stocking. From tasty sweet candy treats to genuinely useful things like a small travel size bottle of men’s fragrance, Christmas stocking fillers can be as obvious or imaginative as you like. Read on for some quick ideas on what you can stuff into those Christmas Stockings this Christmas!

Stocking Fillers for Girls

Little girls love things that come in smaller sizes. Toys and dolls that are miniscule in size have always been popular. Tiny dolls furniture and houses, their cars and their pets, are all perfect little additions to fill up a stocking on Christmas. Candy is always a nice treat too. Or if she is a little bit of a little lady – maybe some glittery makeup so she can have fun creating a superstar makeover.

Stocking Fillers for Boys

It’s not just little girls that love small toys – think of little boys and their dinky cars! Miniature cars and trucks will be met with excitement Christmas morning, as too will figurines of their favourite heroes and comic book characters. Chocolate coins and candy sticks will be sure to please and keep them happy. If he’s a bit more of a creative kid, small markers and colouring books will keep him occupied.

Stocking Fillers for Men

Big boys love stocking fillers too! Edible gifts will still make him happy, and candy canes are such a Christmas favourite it would seem wrong to leave them out. Some other small stocking fillers could be; tickets to an event he is interested in; travel sized toiletries from his favourite brands; the newest computer game or even some chocolate coins.

Stocking Fillers for Women

Women are probably the hardest to buy for when it comes to small and inexpensive gifts – it’s hard to get it right when there is so much choice out there. Jewellery is a great idea as long as you pick something that you are sure will suit the lady in mind. Gloves and scarfs are nice and useful gifts suitable to pop into a Christmas stocking, as too are small pieces of her favourite makeup. Travel sized toiletries work great for a woman who loves to travel.

There are so many fun things to look out for in the lead up to Christmas that can make Christmas stockings personalised and thoughtful. Keep an eye out for gifts, keeping in mind the person you intend buying for and what will make them smile on Christmas morning. In general however, books, sweets and food will please most people, no matter what their age. So start stocking up on those candy canes!

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