People To Come To For Premarital Counseling

By George Kleban

Premarital counseling is done by partners planning to take the next step in their relationshipthat allows them to discover far more about one another ahead of getting the brave leap down the aisle. These days, faced with large divorce charges, couples are opting to go into marriage as students and spend time studying what makes a wedding profitable. This can be a essential for several youthful partners as the culture approves a lot more and a lot more of youthful partners who transfer in early and jump into getting the huge phase. Marriage is an important and difficult dedication and partners are rightfully justified in learning each other and what tends to make a wedding profitable.

Financial strain is one of the leading reasons for divorce. Imagine being able to put all of your concerns about your future finances as a couple on the table. Imagine getting your significant other’s honest thoughts on the matter before the situation actually arises. If you have ever done business strategy work, you might have heard of a method called SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. As a SWOT analysis takes a look at a business, premarital counseling does the same. It looks at the strength and weaknesses of a couple. It identifies opportunities for growth, and brings future relationship threats to the table. Through a facilitated dialogue, a couple can openly discuss the ins and outs of their relationship. They will be able to discuss strategies for dealing with financial strain thus allowing them to be better equipped as a couple to handle the pressure and burden that comes with financial problems.

In additional to preparing couples on how to deal with potential problems, premarital counseling also aims to clarify on the intentions for getting married. It brings a couple to glimpse their future to see now, if they feel their relationship has what it takes to make it through the bad and the worse. Before you sign-up for counseling, you need to find out who can conduct your session. Good thing you have quite a few options.

Licensed Therapists

Premarital counseling can be provided by licensed marriage and family therapists. In the United States, couples can search the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy to look for a practitioner in their area. Once you find a therapist, don’t hesitate to call and ask a few questions. They are there to address your needs and concerns and you should put down the phone or end the visit feeling comfortable. Your partner needs to feel the same as well.

Priests and Pastors

There are many groups handling premarital counseling. You have the Christian faiths like Catholics, Baptist, Protestants, Evangelicals and many more, who conduct regular premarital counseling for couples. Many of these Christian faiths require the counseling prior to marriage. For the Catholic Faith, it is usually the parish priest who conducts the premarital counseling session. The priest will interview the marrying couple, ask them questions on how they met, how their relationship is going now and why they wanted to get married. A Pre-Cana, or a seminar, will also follow the counseling session.

Church Elders

Elders who are mature in the faith are also called to conduct premarital counseling. These elders are lay people, and are usually married themselves. Because they have had a lot of experiences, they can share from their personal life, which often helps to get the couple to open up.

When seeking a premarital counselor, do your research and make sure you get a licensed therapist, or your that you visit a known Church priest, pastor, or elder. You will be opening up a lot of sensitive issues not only to the counselor but to your partner as well. Keep in mind when you decide that you also need someone wise enough to give you the advice that you need and that you should keep looking for the right premarital counseling until you find one both you and your partner are comfortable with.

Premarital Counseling Professionals are not required to have specialized licenses or degrees. All they have to be are wise individuals who know what they are talking about, and are knowledgeable about the different elements of marriage involved.

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