Understand What Women Want To Save Your Marriage

By M B Laloli

You and your wife began married life together totally in love, but now things have changed. Your marriage is on shaky grounds, your wife is wanting a divorce, there has been infidelity, she is thinking of moving out. She is no longer attracted to you. Does this sound like your situation? Then wake up and save your marriage by learning what women want.

You realise the serious consequences of the aftermath of divorce – broken family, upset children, assets halved. You want to save your marriage but you are not sure what to do. The answer is easy. Learn what women want to save your marriage.

Women are complicated beings. On the one hand they expect and deserve equality in the workforce and in society. And women over the decades have definitely earned that right, 100%. However in the marriage women are looking for a leader. Women are programmed at a biological, subconscious level to be attracted to strong powerful leaders.

Hunter Instincts drove you at the beginning of your relationship – a leader on the hunt. Time affected your ability to be an effective leader. Even if you didn’t realise it , leadership is important! But leadership is everything to your wife’s sex drive! When a woman is being led by a loving, fun, charismatic leader, she will do anything to make him happy. Believe it.

It is important to get back into hunter mode like you were when you first met your wife. This way you will become more charismatic, stronger, and sexier than ever before. It’s about remembering who that guy was – that guy your wife fell in love with, and re- waking him. Wake up the “sleeping lion” inside of you – the dynamic, exciting leader your wife fell in love with in the first place!

When that happens, your wife’s sex drive will sense that she’s in the presence of a true leader, and her attraction for you will go through the roof! The qualities to become that amazing, compelling, dynamic leader are already locked inside of you . Just let them go; And then let biology take care of the rest!

This is not about changing who you are it is about becoming who you once were.

So why do women want leadership? The survival of mankind is the reason for this. Without sex drive and the pleasure that goes with it there would be no babies to continue the species. And who best to ensure the survival of mankind than a strong powerful leader. Your wife wants that from you at a biological level at least.

All women subconsciously test their man’s leadership abilities. Would you pass the test? The longer you wait to action to save your marriage, the tougher it’s going to be.

The secret to saving your marriage lies in building attraction, not in solving problems. Emotion rather than logic rule the decisions a woman makes about personal issues! Therefore communicating by apologizing, discussing, compromising, grovelling or begging just does not work. All these approaches are logic-based, and they actually kill the attraction to each other. You may get agreement but seconds later if her emotions get in the way she will do something completely different.

You need to establish what it is that attracts your wife so that her love for you will blossom and continue forever. Become the king of your life, your home, and your marriage! It is important for you to call the shots, to make the decisions and to are the rock that your family relies on! You are the family leader because you saved your marriage by finding out what women want.

Begin the process now of making your wife fall crazy in love with you again. Now that you know what women want, all you have to do to save your marriage is to learn how to give her what she wants, how to become that leader she biologically needs.To learn more click on http://saveyourmarriage.co

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