Cufflinks for Wedding: Choosing An Individual Gift for Each One of Your Groomsmen

Tradition dictates that cufflinks are given to the men in your bridal party as an expression of thanks. Throughout your life your groomsmen have been there for you and have always supported you. Now, they’re helping you prepare and standing beside you on the most important day of your life. Choosing the right gift to express your gratitude to your best mates is essential and cufflinks are a classic choice.

Cufflinks have a long lifespan and will be a meaningful gift that your groomsmen will keep and treasure for a very long time. When purchasing cufflinks as a gift for your groomsmen you have two choices: one is to buy each groomsman the same set of cufflinks and two is to choose an individual design for each of them. The later involves a bit more thought and consideration but will enable you to show each friend how well you know them, their personality and style.

For the more outgoing men in your bridal party, consider cufflinks with highlights of colour. You can choose colours that match the theme of your wedding or select your friend’s favourite hue. There are so many coloured cufflink designs to choose from so it will be easy to find a unique style for each of your groomsmen in the right colour.

Another option is to reference the location or theme of the wedding. Beach, cocktail, and garden style receptions all offer different possibilities for cufflink designs. As these settings tend to be less formal you can have some fun with your cufflink choices. Consider the tone of the wedding and the personality and taste of your individual groomsmen before choosing a design; you still want the gift to be meaningful and valuable.

Perhaps you would like to show your knowledge of each of your groomsmen’s personal interests and hobbies. You can do this by choosing a cufflink design to match. Planes, cars, sport and musical instruments are great subjects to inspire your cufflink choices and show how well you know your friends.

Many grooms however, prefer to select a classic pair of silver cufflinks as their gift. Silver cufflinks are always elegant and classy, plus they will never date or go out of fashion. Your groomsmen will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Again, there loads of options in terms of designs and we recommend choosing something different for each of the men in your bridal party.

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