Dinner Time! Capturing your Wedding Meal

I don’t usually take pictures of people eating at a wedding. Most people don’t want a camera pointed at them when they are enjoying the food and the pictures are…well, often not flattering. On the other hand, brides work hard to provide something nice. So generally I still feel compelled to do something with food.

Food itself, of course, can be pretty photogenic. Plus it’s an important part of the complex ritual of a wedding. Food at a wedding, from the hors d’oeuvres at the reception, to the dinner, the cake and the late night snacks, are present a good portion of a marriage day. And that doesn’t count rehearsal dinners.

Often your food choices will provide the center piece for everyone’s socializing. The conversation starters and excuse to talk to strangers.

You’ll spend a lot of time figuring out what to serve, when to serve it, what people might want, etc. Since it will all be gone the morning after, you might want to have your photographer capture this center piece of your planning. Equally important, since food is such a pervasive a part of your day, you really can capture the ‘flavor’ of your day (pun intended) with a few shots of what everyone will be enjoying.

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