Fun Ideas For Wedding Entertainment

By Taylor Persson

At a wedding, everyone is in a festive mood as they celebrate the union of two of their close family members or friends. While the ceremony is always the highlight of a wedding, it is becoming increasingly common to plan for some exciting entertainment to keep guests busy both before and after the wedding ceremony. Because wedding receptions can often carry on long into the night, it is important to provide a variety of entertainment to keep guests of all ages occupied in fun activities throughout the evening.

Therefore, the following fun ideas for wedding entertainment are provided in order to help anyone to plan a wedding that everyone will remember.


Every good celebration needs music to set the tone for the event. Choosing the right type of musical entertainment is important for conveying a romantic mood or one that is high energy. Bands for hire can be one option for musical entertainment. A band can be selected based upon the type of music that they play and their overall style. Additionally, many bands are willing to play certain songs and change their tone throughout the wedding day.

Dance Instructors

Even when a wedding has great musical entertainment, it can be challenging to get the more reserved guests to go out on the dance floor and get moving. Having dance instructors at a wedding can create an open atmosphere where anyone is comfortable with trying out some new moves. As with other types of music, a person can ask the dance instructor to focus on a specific genre. Additionally, they can ask the wedding DJ to play a specific playlist of songs designed for helping guests learn to dance.

Photo Booth

Another fun, new idea for wedding entertainment is to set up a photo booth for guests to take pictures. Then, they can print out a copy for themselves, and they can leave a set for the wedding couple so that they will have an album full of memories that their loved ones have made at the end of the event. Photo booths are great for getting candid photos of groups of guests as well as they can usually fit up to eight people at a time.

Children’s Area

It is becoming increasingly common for people to bring their children to weddings so that they can also share in the joy of the big day. For this reason, it can be helpful to set up an area that is designated for children and filled with fun entertainment options. Some ideas for a children’s area include a magician, colouring table and a bounce house.

When it comes to planning entertainment for a wedding, it is best for a couple to include a variety of options that reflect their style and will entertain guests of all ages. Planning for music, a way to get guests to interact with each other and the children will ensure that everyone has a good time at a wedding.

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