How to Decorate a Mantel for a Wedding

Weddings are an occasion of great joy and celebration. One of the best ways for portraying this joy is by decorating your house and also the place of wedding. In the house every room will be decorated with some of the choicest confetti, balloons and flowers. If you have a fireplace mantel in any room, especially in the living room, you can decorate it as well. The fireplace is the focal point of a room and decorating it will improve the look of a room. There are many ideas using which the mantel can be decorated. You can decorate your mantel for a wedding in many creative ways that will transform the fireplace mantel into a thing of beauty.

Mantel Decorating Ideas for a Wedding

In order to beautify the room you have to take care that every part of it has been covered. And if you have a fireplace in the room then make it a point to add a few decorations to it also. A bare fireplace mantel will only reflect the coldness of the room, and also appear to be unwelcoming. Decorating fireplace mantels for weddings is an excellent way to improve the focal point of a room. Here are some interesting ways to decorate a mantel for a wedding.

If you want a plain yet stunning fireplace mantel, then stick to the color white. Nothing entices the eye than the immaculate beauty of white roses and other blossoms clubbed together in a vase. You can make wreaths out of white lilies and tie white satin ribbons around them. Laces also make excellent decorating material for a fireplace mantel. Decorate the mantel with flowers that are the bride’s favorite.

You can also place candlesticks on the mantel along with the flower vases. Beautifully colored candles on the mantel, coupled with fresh blossoms, can give a sensational change to the room. Tie satin or organza bows around the candlesticks and flower vases for a more beautiful appearance. You can also use seasonal flowers with a few leaves. The frame of the fireplace can be covered with handmade organza flowers. You can also hang ornaments from the mantel.

Using organza fabric for decorating the mantel is also another innovative idea. Choose the desired color of the fabric and cut it out after measuring the mantel. Pin the fabric in the center of the fireplace and make a wave out of the corners and pin them to the mantel. Team this with flower vases, candles and a large mirror for a breathtaking backdrop for pictures to be taken in front of the mantel.

Another idea for fireplace mantel decor is to just place pure white candles with boughs and a pair of turtle doves. The flowers on the boughs should be white to coordinate with the candles and doves. The main focus should be on keeping the decoration simple yet attractive. Make sure that you don’t place too many things on the mantel to make it look crowded or cluttered. If you have a theme for the wedding, then stick to it, and decorate it accordingly. In some cases, mismatched things also make a great decor for the fireplace. You may consult your relatives or a interior designer for more ideas.

These were some ways for decorating a mantel for a wedding. Adorning the fireplace mantel for a wedding can be done in a different manner, based on the type of wedding. Unleash your creativity and come up with some authentic ways to decorate your home for a wedding or any other occasion.

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