Stuff Needed By A Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is a hard job. The wedding photographer gets only one opportunity to catch the suitable shot. The wedding photographer have to do it right the first time because there is never a a second chance. The wedding photographer needs to be ready to catch the important snaps of the wedding couple. If he/she misses an important picture, he/she will be unable to have a second chance to catch it.

To become a photographer, you should have some suitable equipment. You should have digital or film equipment, any filters, and necessary supplies in a bag. Do not lug a ton of things around with you. Let us discuss the things a photographer will need. Other than wedding, this equipment might also be used for snap shots of life.


For sure, a wedding photographer will need a suitable camera. A camera that requires or allows manual focus is preferable to a point-and-shoot camera. The trouble with auto-focus cameras is that the focus will be destroyed if something comes within the range of a picture. This may cause a blurred subject in your photograph.


Shots in natural light are of better quality, but in case of shortage of natural light a flash will be required. A flash which is bracket-mounted, allows the photographer to offset the flash. This prevents harshly lit images. The flash should be able to slope to allow use of bounce-flash. It should also have the capability to color or soften the flash. A flash which causes red-eye should always be avoided.


Tripod is specially handy while positioning people for a combined photograph. If the photographer uses a bracket-mount, the tripod and remote shutter are particularly helpful because the flash can be taken farther away from the camera. This will prevent unwanted shadows behind the subject of the photograph.


The photographer should keep a range of films in the stock. He/she should keep spare films, batteries and preferably an extra camera with him/her just in case something bad happens.

The Photos:

The wedding photographer will have to catch certain snaps at a wedding ceremony. Although the most important part of a wedding includes groom and bride, wedding party, and parents, there is a long list of what most of the couples want the wedding photographer to capture.

At the ceremony, the couple wants the wedding photographer to record pictures of wedding couple coming down the aisle, the “handoff” to the groom, the I-do’s, the presendtation, the ring, the rice- or rose petal-throwing, getting in the buggy or the car.

At the reception, the wedding couple wants the wedding photographer to record photographs of bride and groom, wedding party, the best man matron/maid of honor, bridesmaids and ushers, ring bearer and flower girl, grooms parents, brides parents, groom with his parents, bride with her parents, bride and groom with parents, the whole wedding party, the cake, the toast, the wedding gown, and the guests.

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