Wedding Planning Tips On A Budget

By Taylor Persson

Weddings are fantastic celebrations of love. They can also be stressful, extravagant, and costly. It is important to know that there are many ways to plan a highly personalized and memorable day, without breaking the bank. Before making any arrangements for your wedding, be familiar with the exact amount of your wedding budget. Next, it is important to really prioritize the categories of your wedding. Do the two of you want to put an emphasis and large portion of money into the dress, the location, the cake, the wedding music and entertainment? Sitting down and drawing up a list of priorities makes it much easier for delineating how much of the money you would like to allot to each category of the wedding.

There are many ways to cut costs while still having an enjoyable and stress free day. If the dress is not ranked high on the priority list, consider borrowing a dress from someone who wears your size. Wedding dresses are usually only worn once. Even if borrowing or buying a second hand dress, it will likely still look brand new.

If you would like to cut costs for the location, think about whether you prefer to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Church members can usually use the church facilities for free, or for a very nominal cost. Outdoor weddings can be held at the rural property of a friend or family member. Wedding guests can bring their own lawn chairs to eliminate the cost of renting seating.

You may also consider booking the wedding and reception in the same venue. Not only will this help you save thousands of dollars, but it will also help your guests save time on travelling.

Many individuals are interested in baking, and even cake making. Perhaps a friend or family member would like to gift a wedding cake. Otherwise, a sheet cake with pretty decorations on it serves as an adequate and pretty wedding cake. Guests can enjoy a tasty piece of dessert, and costs are kept at a minimum.

Do you have musical friends or family who would like to provide wedding entertainment? An aunt or uncle could serve as an M.C. at the reception, and other musical friends and family members could sing or play an instrument as part of the ceremony. A friend or family member with a nice sound system could serve as your wedding dj.

Enjoy planning your special day and utilizing the talents of the special people in your life.

Taylor Persson is one of the quirkiest modern lifestyle bloggers around. She often gives out useful tips on how to maximize the use of technology in our daily life. Stay tuned to find out more of her useful tips about finding the best wedding entertainment.

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