Wedding Ring Sizing Tips

When measuring your finger using a professional ring sizer, we recommend a “snug” fit.The reason is that sometimes people tend to oversize themselves by approximately 1/2 size, feeling that they will need the “extra room”.

This is usually not in fact the case and getting a wedding band too large can actually feel somewhat uncomfortable or will more easily slip off when your fingers come into contact with water or slippery substances such as soap.

We recommend going to one or two different jewelers to get measured professionally.

When getting measured by a jeweler, please be sure to let them know that if you are ordering a comfort fit wedding band (as most of our design bands are comfort fit). The reason for this is that comfort fit rings tends to fit a little looser, so it is sometimes better to order a comfort fit ring a 1/2 size smaller.

The most accurate way to measure your finger is using a professional ring sizer. The ring sizer should feel tight going over your knuckles but should feel comfortable once it is on your finger.

What we do not recommend is using internet ring sizers, string, or paper sizers to obtain your ring size!

If you cannot get to your local jeweler, please request our free ring sizer, which we will mail you for free of charge!

However, a professional measurement by an experienced jeweler is still best.

In case your wedding ring does not fit, most design wedding bands–ours included–can actually be sized upwards a 1/2 size without showing any signs of sizing. This can even be done many years later.

However, most design bands cannot be sized or cut down in size. So it is safer to order a smaller size which can be stretched upwards at any time.

If you order a ring size that does not fit, you may exchange it for another size, even if the ring is too large and cannot be cut. We will simply make you a new ring. Please be sure to read our re-sizing policies, however, to gain a full understanding of our return and exchange policies on your particular wedding ring.

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