Why Is It Proper Etiquette To Give Cufflinks For Wedding To Groomsmen?

In the time leading up to your wedding your groomsmen will have done a lot to help and support you. They may already have attended rehearsals, organised your bucks party, prepared speeches and much more. It’s traditional and it’s also considered polite etiquette to buy a gift for everyone in your bridal party. Cufflinks make an excellent gift for your groomsmen and showing your appreciation is important. Your gift can speak volumes, sometimes more than words ever could.

Cufflinks are a great choice. Giving cufflinks as a way of saying thank you to your groomsmen can say a lot about you and your regard for them, indicated by the style and quality of the cufflinks you choose to purchase. You should ensure that your cufflinks are made of the highest quality materials. You want them to withstand every day use and be a lasting remembrance of your wedding day for many years to come.

If your wedding attire and styling is classic and traditional, choose highly polished silver cufflinks. Simple and elegant, shiny silver cufflinks will match the traditional theme of the wedding and still provide that special sparkle on your groomsmen’s sleeves. You can’t go wrong with a square, rectangular or cross design.

If your wedding is a black tie affair, silver and black cufflinks look will definitely add a touch of elegance and sophistication. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from. Again, look for highly polished metals with shiny black enamel to really lift the groomsmen’s outfit to match the status of this formal occasion.

Do you prefer to add a hint of colour? It’s particularly attractive when the tie, waist coast and cufflinks of the groomsmen are all coordinated. It’s important to choose a colour which ties in with the overall theme of the wedding. You can also choose a cufflink design which ties in with the location of the wedding. For example, you may select surfboard cufflinks for a beach wedding or a four-leaf clover design for a garden wedding. Either way, keep your colour choices muted to maintain a classy and elegant look.

Another idea that is becoming more and more popular is choosing individual cufflink designs for each groomsman in your bridal party. You can select a set of cufflinks according to the interests and hobbies of your friends. This shows that you have put some careful thought and consideration into their gift and also impresses on them how well you know their likes and tastes. This option works best on a more casual wedding.

Whatever cufflinks you choose to give to your groomsmen, you can be rest assured that you are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. Whenever they pull your set of cufflinks out of the drawer they will be reminded of your friendship and the happy memories created on your wedding day.

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