8 Sure Ways On How To Stop A Divorce

Is your relationship suffering a meltdown? Has the word “divorce” cropped up? Did you realize that you don’t want to go through with a divorce and wonder how you can stop a divorce? When you spend years with a person, it can be hard to imagine how you can live without them in your life. It doesn’t matter how many bad times there were; you only know that you can’t wake up without them in your life. It’ll take some doing on stopping a divorce especially if the damage is intense but… it can be done.

So how do you stop a divorce? Before you know how to stop a divorce, you need to first understand why you want to stop it? Was your spouse abusive to you, either physically or mentally? Did they sleep with someone other than you? The question really is…does your spouse deserve another chance to be with you?

If so, then how do you stop a divorce?

The first step is to invest time and patience into your marriage. If there are children in this marriage, try pawning them off onto someone else to watch. You and your significant other will need to spend quality time away from the children. It’s time to put the relationship first especially if you want to stop a divorce.

The second step is to identify the patterns that you have in your life. Stop for a moment and think if your patterns lead you away from your spouse. Do you rather spend time alone playing the computer than watching television with him/her? What’s behind the exclusion of them in your life?

The third step is to reconnect emotionally. It shouldn’t take a catastrophic event to reconnect with your loved one. When you are sad, you should be able to turn to your spouse and seek comfort. If your spouse is having problems, connect with them on the emotional level.

The fourth step is to find that spark that’s gone missing. It’s the spark that first drew you two together when you couldn’t take your eyes off each other. Try to find ways to touch each other. If your spouse likes a backrub, offer to give one. If you used to take a shower together but don’t anymore, it’s time to start once more.

The fifth step is to stop a conflict before it gets out of hand. You certainly don’t want to bring up all his/her mistakes especially if you want to stop a divorce. Be the better person and apologize first.

The sixth step is to identify and rectify the wrongs you are doing in the relationship. If your spouse is cheating, have you done so or thought about it.

The seventh step is to take time to heal after hurtful words or actions are done. You certainly can stop a divorce but letting time heal all wounds. However, be mindful that it takes more than time to get past any anger feelings.

The last step in knowing how to stop a divorce is to know when to seek outside help. Sometimes couples can’t reconnect issues on their own. If both think the marriage is worth it, then it’s vital that they seek the advice of a marriage counselor.

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