Are You Dating A Commitment Phobic Boyfriend?

If you have been dating a man who is proving to be a player, you may go through a lot of frustration. However, instead of drowning in a sea of worry, you can take measures that will pull your boyfriend out of his current condition so that he decides to make a commitment. While it is true that there are a few men who will simply not consider such a lasting commitment, the fact is that many will actually enjoy settling down in marriage. It really depends on how you play your cards.

Depending on how you act, you can actually make the man turn from all other women and focus on you alone. You do not have to suffer in silence as you see your man moving from one girl to another.

Do not turn a blind eye

The way you react when you are aware of the fact that your boyfriend is a player will have a great deal of significance. It is important to act in such a manner that shows you have a high self esteem. For instance, when you are with your boyfriend and you notice that he focuses on a particular lady more than normal, you should not start whining about it or assuming that you don’t notice. Instead, bring his attention squarely on the girl in question. Make a direct comment in appreciation of her.

This method will be more effective in bursting the developing bubble. The fact that you have pointed out the girl to your boyfriend will diffuse his interest in her. Men tend to enjoy flirting around if their girlfriends do not seem to take any notice. In addition, such a step will make you more appealing to him, as it will demonstrate your confidence.

Spark off his hunting nature

Men are hunters by nature, and you will get attention from your boyfriend when you give him something to chase. This means that you should not be readily available whenever he needs your company.

However, you should not go to the extreme opposite and try to match his flirting around. This is not the time to start dating other men. You should just make yourself busy in other ways in order to show him that you are independent, and there are other important things in your life.

The risk of losing you will make him get serious about relationship commitment. This will influence him to quit playing around and focus just on you. In this way, he will take measures to make a lasting commitment.

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