Best Places to Get Married in Italy

If you are planning to get married, there is probably no other place on earth where you should do it than Italy. Long known as a romantic destination, the country has captured the hearts and souls of many people for many centuries because of its amazing beauty, great cuisine, high fashion and fantastic art. Images of gondola rides, walking “mano-a-mano” with a nice gelato and your loved one help perpetuate the image of a romantic destination. There are many people that get married in Italy that travel from outside the country to do so.

Here are some of the best places to get married, and most romantic of Italian places on the peninsula.

The Lakes Region

Lake Garda is the perfect location if you want to get married by a lake. The Lakes region of Italy is a popular destination with many amenities, so a wedding can be easily planned. With easy access to Milan (about 45 minutes), it makes for an optimal location.

A castle wedding

What could be more perfect for a prince and a princess than to get married in a castle? In Italy, there are many castles, many of which date back many centuries. In virtually every region of the country, you can find a castle that will accommodate your wedding needs.

Wedding in Venice

One of the most famous wedding venues in Italy is the Palazzo Cavalli (Horses Palace). It is a private palace purchased by the City of Venice for civil ceremonies. You will have a stunning view of the Grand Canal, along with the Rialto Bridge. You can then take a gondola ride with your new spouse.

Married in Rome

One of the best places to get married in Rome is at the Campidoglio. This is located right in the center of the city, and nearby you can take pictures at the Colosseum, at the forum, and at Piazza Venezia and of course on the Spanish steps. And of course, logistically, this will be the easiest location to get to as many flights come in and out of the two main airports. This could be a good option if you have many out of town guests.

The Amalfi Coast

There are many picturesque towns in this southern Italian tourist zone, which is close to Naples. Only a few hours from Rome, this could be a good area as there are cascading houses, with beautiful flowers and vegetation along cliffs that rise out of the sea. Positano and Ravello make great locations in this region.

Do your homework

If you plan on getting married in Italy, you should ask for referrals, and deal with someone that has experience in this field. Do your research carefully, and you can turn a trip to Italy into the wedding of your dreams!

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