Carbon Fiber Rings Guide

By Matt Henderson

Gemstone can be a type of carbon, however today we also have carbon fiber bands. These may be made of almost any metal– stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, or some other– but they all have carbon fiber set into them. Such rings are made for all the purposes that rings of other types are made for– weddings, special occasions, and the like. And they are among the cheapest, with some selling for as low as $24! Some of these rings, sold at various outlets, are described below.

Just Men’s Rings has fourteen carbon fiber rings, all currently on sale. In brief, these are:

• six of titanium– one with simple carbon fiber inlay; with double inlay; with carbon fiber and CZ (cubic zirconia– a common diamond simulation); black carbon fiber; offset carbon fiber inlay; two rows of black carbon fiber and rounded edges. The last is “ultra light” and “a masterpiece for the modern man!”

• two of tungsten carbide– one with carbon fiber insert, the other with gold carbon fiber inlay

• two black ceramic rings, with black and grey carbon fiber inlays

• three of stainless steel– a wedding ring with carbon fiber rectangle (this, at $23.95, is the cheapest of its kind sold here); one with carbon fiber insert; a wedding band with a blue 17 mm carbon fiber inlay

• a cobalt chrome ring with carbon fiber inlay and polished edges. This one is selling for $89.95, the most expensive carbon fiber ring at this outlet.

Such are the kinds for those who would like to buy a ring but are on a limited budget. For those who do have the money to spend, who are not satisfied with the cheap kind, has four carbon fiber rings that each cost well over $100. In order of decreasing price, they are:

• an 8 mm bevel edge black carbon fiber and Triton tungsten diamond ring ($295) with a sparking diamond in the center. A truly fantastic mixture of cutting- edge technology and “the finest exotic alternative materials.” It resists scratching and is very durable.

• a bevel edge black carbon fiber and Triton tungsten ring ($295)– This one is identical with the preceding, but without the central diamond. Both of these (and also the one below) are made strong by Triton’s distinct micro- grain structure, and have a hardness of 8.5 (halfway between topaz and corundum. Diamond is hardness 10).

• an 8mm flat step- down edge Triton black carbon fiber and tungsten Ring ($249)– a wedding band

• a 7 mm tungsten and carbon fiber wedding band ($199)– scratch resistant, with beveled edges and a subtle pattern woven into the inlay

Carbon fiber rings are really unique.

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