Citrine Ring Reviews

By Matt Henderson

When buying jewelry like earrings, necklace, ring and others, people consider several aspects such as the event, the recipient and its significance. Wedding and engagement rings can be considered valued personal items and a priceless investment. A citrine ring is a popular choice for wedding and engagement ring as well as fashion accessory. As an engagement ring, it can be made of 14k (yellow, white, rose) gold metal ring with citrine gemstone inlay. Citrine gemstone comes from Quartz, the most popular and the second- most abundant mineral on earth. The ring has been associated with abundance, prosperity and generosity.

The citrine ring can be a gift or present for a birthday, anniversary, or engagement. The ring can be mixed and matched and created with a birthstone. Citrine rings with their unique styles can be worn by children and adults whose birthday falls on the month of November. Citrine and Topaz are two distinct gemstones however they shared the same hues and birth month. Citrine’s color tones vary from straw yellow to brown. They can complement all other fashion accessories. The yellow hue has been a favorite as it is believed to have healing power for depressing and sad moments. The citrine ring itself is given to special someone to bring fortune and achievements in education and career.

Wearing a citrine engagement ring conveys a statement. A choice of citrine ring of 14k white gold of yellow gold can impress and can make many people envy you. It can be customized according to your requirements thereby carries originality, creativity, and a personal touch. A couple always looks for affordable yet durable and adorable engagement ring like the Celtic Knots and Claddagh rings. The Celtic Knots ring shows an ancient design of infinity and a promise of lasting relationship. Similarly, the Claddagh rings represent loyalty, love and friendship of the couple. It is not just the carats that are worth it but it’s the significance that the citrine ring has bestowed.

Most gemstones as engagement rings are unlikely choices due to the fact that most don’t stand the test of time. However, citrine gemstone has excellent durability. It has a 7.0 hardness rating and stability. The citrine engagement ring doesn’t fade, requires no special care and can last forever. Citrine engagement ring when properly cut, shaped, and polished, can display a deep brilliant orange. This is citrine heat-treated quartz or amethyst.

If you intend to buy citrine ring for your engagement, you won’t be disappointed as prices are very affordable. Citrine engagement rings are available in various shape, cut, color and clarity. Natural citrine is rare and can be difficult to distinguish from synthetic. Beware of synthetic citrine rings as it is not heated amethyst or smoky quartz. Try to find a citrine gemstone with brilliant color, fine cut, and without any inclusions and flaws. Citrine wedding rings and engagement rings made of superior workmanship and intricate designs can have additional cost. To be safe, buy citrine engagement rings from the professional jeweler only. Also check for the product specifications and warranty.

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