Cufflinks For Weddings: A Special Bonbonniere Gift

A wedding is a special day for the couple saying their vows. Most importantly, this day is made even better when shared with close family and friends. It is customary for the Bride and Groom to give their guests a bonbonniere gift to thank them for attending the ceremony. Choosing the right gift can be difficult, especially if you’re after something a little different or unusual. After much research, we think cufflinks for wedding guests are the ideal choice for a bonbonniere gift.

A set of quality cufflinks will be a special memento for all your guests. Cufflinks are worn by men and women and you can be sure that they will be useful and appreciated. Every time they are worn, guests will reminisce about your wedding day and recall the happy memories they experienced.

What types of cufflinks should be gifted?

The great thing about cufflinks is there are many designs and styles to choose from. Some couples choose to tie in with their wedding theme and others opt for cufflinks that match their taste and personalities. In choosing the right bonbonniere gift you should consider…

Colour Theme –

Cufflinks are available in a huge array of colours and patterns. Regardless of your theme, you will be able to find cufflinks to match. Look for silver cufflinks with coloured detailing that tone in with the colours chosen for your bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers or decorations.

Fun Factor –

If you love to have fun and have a quirky sense of style then opt for a great pair of novelty cufflinks. These are the ideal bonbonniere gifts for couples that want to make a statement. You can select a single design for all your guests or enjoy picking out unique cufflinks that match the personalities or hobbies of your individual guests.

Silver Cufflinks –

Silver Cufflinks are very popular around the world. Effortlessly stylish, silver cufflinks add a touch of class when added to an outfit. As a bonbonniere gift, they will assert a sophisticated tone for your wedding day. Shiny silver rhodium cufflinks are our pick. Select simple and classic designs that will always be in fashion.

Symbolic Gesture –

Silk knots are also a unique and stylish option. Again, they’re perfect for wedding bonbonniere gifts as they are worn and enjoyed by men and women and can be found in almost any colour. Silk knots are made by weaving strands of silk in a unique pattern. These beautiful accessories can be used to symbolise the entwining of two lives as the couple come together in marriage.

Cufflinks for Weddings are therefore a unique, personal and useful bonbonniere gift for your special guests. They can be purchased from online stores, meaning that you don’t have to waste time running around shopping when you have other important wedding business to attend to. Look for online stores that offer an extensive range of cufflinks, ideally with discounts for multiple purchases. Good quality cufflinks will generally cost around $40 and silk knots are an affordable option at around $5 per pair. Give a gift that people will keep, remember and wear forever.

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