Destination Weddings: What You Need to Know

By Susan Meyer

If you’ve been considering a destination wedding, then you’ll already be aware that it can save thousands compared to a wedding in your local region. It also means that you could be blessed with fantastic weather and that you’ll be instantly on honeymoon after the wedding!

In this article we’re going to explore the pros and the cons to help you decide whether a destination wedding is suitable for you and your family.

Less guests. Generally you can expect fewer people to attend the wedding. This might be perfect for you. Some people like to have a long guest list and be surrounded by everybody in their life. You’ll need to weigh up what’s important to you. Your closest friends and family will do what they can to make the trip with you. For those who cannot make it, then you can always have a separate reception at home afterwards.

Financial concerns. Even though a destination wedding is likely to be less pressure on your pocket, it is going to be more expensive for your guests. Initially guests may complain, but once they get over that, their excitement will build as they realize that they will be going on a holiday. The median length of stay for a destination wedding guest is four nights.

Concerns about the resort. If you have had a good look at the resort or hotel where you have booked your hotel but you’re not too sure that it’s the right place for you, then not to worry. You could always take a reconnaissance visit to the hotel first. Otherwise, take a look on Trip Advisor to read about the experiences of other wedding parties. Some hotels offer a ‘try before you buy’ trip at a reduced rate.

Flexibility required. Not being able to control every detail could be difficult for some people. It takes an open mind to really enjoy the experience. As with everything else in life, having tight expectations on all aspects is not the best approach. Treat it like an adventure and be flexible for best results.

Wedding coordinators. As long as a hotel has already planned a wedding and got some good resorts, then it’s time to hand the reins over. The coordinator can arrange any special touches that you want such as particular flowers, a cake, hair and makeup assistants.

Food and drink. Talk to the hotel staff, but it could be that some of the food and beverages will have been taken care of as part of the stay. This makes things much more economical for both you and your guests.
In conclusion, destination weddings can save money, be more fun and you’ll get a sun tan!

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