Displaying Your Favorite Items in Shadow Boxes

Pictures aren’t the only things that are able to be displayed inside picture frames. Three-dimensional artwork or treasured souvenirs, like buttons, coins or beautiful shells can be prominently displayed in picture frames. You can even display unique items like an autographed baseball, or keepsakes from a special wedding, graduation or vacation can be shared when framed in an interesting shadow box picture frame.

There are several considerations when installing your items inside a shadow box picture frame:

• Size and Weight: When thinking about large or hefty items, you will need to determine if the item can be properly supported in the shadow box frame and if the wall where it will be hanging can support the weight of the mounted frame. If your objects are quite sizeable then you will probably need some deep shadow box picture frames, and a couple very strong and heavy-duty hangers to use for the frame.

• Construction and Stability: If you are putting somewhat unstable items (things that might decay and deteriorate over time) inside your box then you’ll need to ensure that they are properly preserved. Objects that will fall into the unstable category would include dehydrated flowers and other plant life, dirt or clay, as well as a few fabric and metal substances.

Whatever the size, weight or composition of your item, you now need to decide how you’ll support your item securely and attractively inside the frame.

Take Measurements of Your Subject

There are a couple critical dimensions you will need to take. One thing you’ll need to measure is how long and wide the item is, and the other dimension to measure is exactly how deep, or thick, this object is. The depth of your item will determine the depth of the shadow box frame you are going to need. Make sure that you include the glazing and backboards when you are measuring to figure out thickness.

Your Frame’s Style and Design

You’re now down to the most fun part of getting to use a shadow box picture frame. This is that part where you get creative in figuring out how your items are going to be arranged. Don’t secure any item in its place until you move things around and figure out where you will want them. Arrange and rearrange until the items appear just the way you like them. You might find that a natural order comes into play or you may group items by specific dates or size. The very best thing you can do is to simply organize and rearrange until you find the layout that’s perfect for you. One factor that is very important in making a nice design is balancing the colors and sizes well.

Also, in order to make a finished product which will be pleasing to the eye, you have to make sure the items are spaced out well. If there is a certain item in your shadow box which you want to place emphasis on, then don’t use too much space because that will overwhelm the object, but do not use too little on the other hand because then it will appear too crowded. Apply the same rule whenever you are putting numerous objects on display. You don’t want them to appear crowded but you also want them close enough together so they are seen as one cohesive display. Do not forget: trying, failing, and then trying something new will ultimately lead you to the perfect arrangement.

Framing items in a shadow box picture frame follows the guidelines for every other kind of picture framing. Select the frame color to enhance the color of the things displayed or to fit the unique style of the items. You can go one of two ways with color when framing multiple objects. Choose a color that appears numerous times in order to tie the items together, or go with a color that is pretty neutral and will complement all of the objects.

After you’ve hung up your shadow box, you may want to select some extra picture frames to display on the wall on opposite sides of the box. If you hang up matching wood picture frames on each side of your wood shadow box (wood paired with wood or black with black) with a photo that goes with the theme in the shadow box, you may easily create a lovely arrangement.

Whatever method you choose for putting your items up for display, the most essential thing to remember is that you should have fun doing it. Use your creativity and artistic skills to arrange your things into a memorable, eye pleasing display to share with both friends and family.

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