Don’t Be Proposed To

For many people marriage is something that they can’t wait to do once they have found that special someone, while for others it’s something they fear and would rather avoid. With that in mind this article looks at how to avoid a situation where your partner might propose.

29th February

The 29th of February is a day that only comes around every four years and for men in a relationship who do not want to commit that is a blessing. Of course, when that day does come round you have to be pretty smart and make sure you don’t end up with your girlfriend on one knee in front of you.

Perhaps the most effective way to avoid such a ghastly scenario is to go away for the day, switch off your phone and not check your emails. Clearly this behaviour is pretty suspicious, so if you can arrange for work to “force” you on an overnight trip then you’re onto a winner.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Picture the scene: you’re hundreds of feet above the ground; it’s just you and your loved one and all of a sudden you realise that you can’t escape as they get down on to one – rather unsteady -keen. All of a sudden you can’t escape this horrifying conundrum. It’s either time to accept or refuse that offer of marriage.

Of course, if you do want to get married then a hot air balloon is a great place to propose for all the reasons that make it such a terrible place to be proposed to. Bring a ring, a positive attitude and your partner for a great day.

On Holiday

Obviously if you’re in a long term relationship then going on holiday with your partner is rather difficult to avoid, but it’s often a good idea to be aware of the activities they might suggest that could lead to you walking back down the aisle arm in arm.

Be wary if they suggest that you go for a walk, likewise wanting to do “a Titanic” (from the film, and not the sinking bit) and just hope that your partner doesn’t try to shovel a ring into your food or a glass of champagne.

As you can see, there are just a few ways in which people like to propose – make sure you’re not a victim of an unwelcome proposal by avoiding them!

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