Everyone Can Benefit From a Cottage Retreat

By Adrianna Noton

Retreating to a relaxed weekend or summer getaway home has been a time-honored tradition in America for well over a century. Cottages originally served as escapes for the well-to-do who rode out summer heat waves and outbreaks of disease like yellow fever in their mountain homes. Today they are popular destinations for honeymooners, families holding reunions or individuals who need a place away from everyday life for artistic or spiritual renewal.

Just-married couples can find a place to focus solely on each other in every state in the US. Whether a couple wants to spend their days lying on the beach or hiking in the mountains, there’s a cottage available for them. They don’t have to answer to a schedule. They can choose to visit local attractions and dine out, or throw out the schedule and spend their days and nights cozy cottage outfitted with everything they need.

Families spread across the country often have a difficult time getting together to visit. Rental cottages at the beach or at a popular tourist destination are a great way to recognize a family member’s milestone birthday or a special wedding anniversary. A large cottage with numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, or perhaps a large central cottage and a few smaller ones located nearby, can easily accommodate an extended family of siblings, cousins or in-laws. Family members can easily share meals and time together while having their own places to sleep.

A writer or an artist often needs time alone to find his muse or to bring concentrated effort to completing a book or a piece of art. A cottage retreat offers him an ideal location in which to focus on his project with no interruptions from friends, family or clients. He can turn off his phone and email and work all night if he’s so motivated without bothering his family or roommates. Many an artist finds that retreating to a cottage for a weekend or even a month is just what he needs to remove the block that has been plaguing his work.

Novice writers and artists can also benefit from a cottage retreat experience. Many conference centers around the country offer weekends or weeks, particularly during the summer, that allow writers and artists to learn their craft for part of the day then put those lessons into practice.

Many couples who have raised their families enjoy spending weekends and summer vacations at a cottage they’ve bought or built themselves. Getting away from a regular weekday schedule allows a couple to feel rejuvenated physically and mentally and to rekindle the feelings they have for each other. Women who are life-long friends often rent a cottage once a year to renew their relationships over a weekend. Men also like to get together to fish, hunt or participate in other outdoor activities with their buddies on a regular basis.

Everyone needs to retreat to a cottage at least a few times in his or her life. When he comes home refreshed and energized, he’ll find he’s often more focused on the priorities he needs to set in his life.

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