Expert Tips On How To Wear Cufflinks For Ladies

Cufflinks for ladies can be a true fashion statement, but wearing them correctly is essential. Cufflinks are just a small piece of the fashion puzzle which is comprised of clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories, not to forget the styling of your hair and makeup. Adding the right pair of cufflinks really is the icing on the cake that completes your look.

Fashion can be fickle and it changes frequently. For this reason, every woman should have a collection of classic cufflinks that never date and will always look stylish. Then embrace your love of fashion by updating your accessories with a few fun pieces each season to show-off your interpretation of the current trends.

Spring sees the continuation of colour, particularly a love of bold prints. Play with a combination of bright, vibrant colours and match back with softer neutrals to create an overall impression that pops. This style has to be carefully balanced out, as too many bright colours can be distracting, while too many neutrals could blend you into the background.

To instantly perk up your work and weekend wardrobe, look for shirts in strikingly rich colours and luxe print patterns. Hermes inspired prints featuring pinks, blues, and oranges are a must-have for spring and these look gorgeous with a tailored skinny leg pants or denim jeans. Block colour is also in and again go for statement colours such as fuchsia, royal blue, and emerald green. Complete the look with silk knots or metallic jewellery.

Metallic accessories are a must this Spring. It’s interesting to see the use of mixed metallics in jewellery and accessories. Don’t let anything stop you from wearing gold, silver, bronze and pewter all at the same time. Choose cufflinks that complement or contrast your necklace and earring choices and highlight or contrast your apparel choices.

Have some fun with your cufflinks. Look for designs that spark interest like novelty flowers, scooter or wing designs. Or, if you prefer a classic more understated tone opt for shiny silver cufflinks in square or rectangular shapes.

Silk knot cufflinks are an easy and affordable way to keep you looking trendy for Spring. Available in many bold colour variations, they are perfect for creating a fabulous statement this Spring with a bright splash of colour on your sleeves. You may also want to consider multi-colour options that can give extra impact. Look for fuchsia, yellow or red silk knots and always wear them with a shirt that contrasts.

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