Finding Your Ideal Custom Wedding Invitations

It is a given that the wedding invitations you send are going to be the first glimpse the guests will have of your wedding. Those not in the wedding party will want to judge if your wedding is casual, traditional, or quirky based on the invites–the design, the wording, everything will cue them as to what to wear or what to expect. That’s not pressure at all, is it? Okay, so maybe not everything will be taken from the cues in the invite but it should still appropriately fit your wedding.

So, the real question is, “what kind of wedding are you planning?” Is it going to be modern and individual? Is it going to have some relaxed vibe to it and be a bit younger? Or maybe it is going to have a theme or quirk–supposedly zombie and steampunk weddings are gaining in popularity? Whatever choices you made for the other things should also play into your decision-making for these invites.

Your custom wedding invitations should reflect the rest of the plans that you make for your wedding. It makes no sense to have a very modern design when everything else, from the dress, to the venue, to the floral selection, are all seriously traditional. If you are going traditional then stick to monogramming, ecru invites, and embossed with a pearl border of some sort. If you are going modern then choose something as vibrant and fun as your personality shows.

If you are doing some sort of destination wedding you may want to include the map of the location along with your invites and personalize the message with a phrase of the locals like “Bon Jour!” or “Mahalo!” or whatever it is that you expect to greet the guests with when they check into the hotel. Also, try and hint at the location with the wedding invites- sunshine-y colors are great for island destinations. Burgundy is great for wine country in France. Have a little fun choosing these invites.

Honestly, though, there really are so many varieties of custom wedding invitations that you can choose from there is no reason why you should settle for something less than what you absolutely think fits into your dream wedding. Just take your time and be a bit meticulous with your decisions. It will all work out in the end if you take your time to really find that perfect match.

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