For Newlyweds: Co-Decorating Your New Home

Marriage is all about making decisions together, from financial decisions to job decisions to decorating decisions. Matters such as these should discussed by both parties that takes into careful consideration the preferences and opinions of both partners. This way, you can reach a decision that both of you will happy with. So it should be when you decorate your house with your new spouse. Together, you can make your house into a home you both love.

Figure Out Your Styles Apart First

Before you can merge your two styles together harmoniously, you will need to find what your separate styles are first. There are many style quizzes online that you both can try. They are not always accurate but they will give you a general idea of what different styles are out there and which ones you like the best.

Grab a few decor magazines and books and pick out the photos of interiors that appeal to you and have your spouse do the same. Afterwards, compare your rooms and discuss what you both liked and didn’t like about your choices. You can do a similar activity with the countless interior blogs that are online today. After many conversations, you’ll start to get a handle on both your and your spouse’s decorating styles.

Look At What’s Out There First

The next step is to venture out to stores together.

Go to a couple of furniture stores together with no intent to buy, but to just browse together and talk with each other about the pieces that you do like and don’t like. Look at paint colors at paint stores and fabric choices at fabric stores. Go to model homes and look how they decorate their houses.

Talk with each other. What did you like? What didn’t you like? You’ll start to piece together the things you both like and dislike.

Start With the Bedroom

The master bedroom is often neglected in the process of decorating a home because it’s a private space and most people prefer to focus on the spaces that visitors will see, such as the living room and the kitchen. However, for newlyweds like you, the master bedroom is the perfect space to begin exercising your decorating prowess together.

For one, it’s exciting to focus on a space that best represents the love in your marriage. Secondly, if you make any decorating mistakes, you won’t have to worry about guests raising an eyebrow — you don’t have to invite them into the room!

After you discuss your visions for your bedroom, start with a trip to a few furniture stores. Don’t aim to buy right away — take your time and point out to each other what you like and what you don’t like. In the beginning, focus on beds, nightstands, and dressers. Try to stay away from bedroom sets and experiment with mix and matching furniture for a collected look.

Once you’ve found the furniture you both love, the next step is to get the necessities, including a mattress, window shades, and lighting. After that, add the decorative touches and accessories in bedding, curtains, pillows, frames, and vases. Don’t forget the flowers for a romantic ambiance.

When your bedroom is all decorated and beautiful, you’ll know each other even more and you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of the home… together.

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