Gemstone Engagement Rings

By Matt Henderson

Gentlemen, the time will eventually come when you will discover the girl of your dreams. When you find the girl of your dreams, you start to date her, and, several months later, the big question is on the tip of your tongue- “Will you marry me?” Of course, there are a lot of unaccounted minor problems that could arise, such as parent wishes and the emergence of a third figure, but the biggest one you should worry about is what ring should I buy my girl? Saving up that three months salary is pointless if you end up wasting it all on some cheap, prone to break, diamond that she might not even like. What you need to look at is gemstone engagement rings. They are the most beautiful, man-made object that will warm the hearts of anyone who sees it.

Gemstone engagement rings are useful for so many reasons, that it’s hard for me to describe their best points. Let’s start with price. I have seen many a gold ring cost well over a fortune due to their rarity and designation as a “precious metal”. Due to their abundance, gemstones suffer no such drawbacks (though that doesn’t deny their worth). Their luster and uniqueness all fall under an affordable price ranging to as low as $700 dollars for even the best gemstones.

More than price itself is a special trademark that only gemstones can provide your bride to be; her birthstone. What could be more beautiful than giving your girlfriend a gift marking the day she was born and destined to be with you for the rest of her life? (The question is rhetorical, but the answer is a gemstone engagement ring!). Each month presents a unique stone representing its symbolism as a contributor to life: January is Garnet, February is Amethyst, March is Beryl, April is Diamond, May is Emerald, June extends its reach to Pearl and Moonstone, July is Ruby, August is Peridot, September is Sapphire, October is Opal, November is Topaz, and finally December is Torquoise. Imagine having one of these precious, beautiful stones sitting right on top of your gemstone engagement ring. The feelings it can evoke are beyond expression through words.

So gentlemen, I end this passage with a final repetition of my saying- get yourself gemstone engagement rings. If buying a symbolic, low costing ring for your girl isn’t what you want, then I wonder if marriage is truly a good option to pursue right now.

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