Get Boyfriend To Propose – Helpful Tips

There are some things in life that do not neatly fall into what we consider the logical pattern to be. One of the best examples concerns the building of lasting relationships between us and our male counterparts. For us, it seems only logical to tell our boyfriends how we would like to get married since we are in love anyway. Unfortunately, the men do not usually see things from the same angle, and such a step can just do more harm than good.

This difference between us and the men often creates a lot of misunderstandings and heartaches. While we would like to take our relationships beyond the dating stage, many men seem to stall at this point. Some of them just won’t talk about the issue of marriage at all. Others will make it clear that marriage is not something they are after at any time in the near future. This causes a great deal of frustration.

If you are dating a man who seems content with the status quo, should you hint to him to propose to you? It is actually possible to take measures that will influence and get boyfriend to propose. Although the steps mentioned here may not appear as logical as you would expect, they are what create the desired changes.

Don’t bring the issue of marriage

If you want your boyfriend to take your relationship more seriously, get your boyfriend to propose, you should not keep telling him about it. Instead, drop all talk that concerns marriage in any way. Whether it is about your own expectations or discussing the marriage of other friends, this is something that will instinctively make the man go to the defensive. He will resist the idea you are bringing, and this will just create friction between you.

In addition, do not try to be smart by just leaving bridal magazines at places where he is bound to find them. Whether it is directly or indirectly, you should avoid bringing the idea of marriage. It is when you stop talking about marriage that he will actually think more about it.

Make yourself appealing to him

If you think that boldly talking about marriage will make you more appealing, then you are wrong. Basically, this clearly gives the impression that you are entirely available to him. He will thus relax his efforts, and won’t feel the urge to do anything more.

This is due to the fact that men love the chase. When you do not challenge your boyfriend commitment to you, you will be more appealing. You should therefore let him miss you by not being always available and he will come after you.

Keep yourself busy with other things instead of focusing on marriage all the time. When there seems to be some space between you and your boyfriend, he will commit in order to close that gap.

These are some of the methods that you can use how to get your boyfriend to propose to you.

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