Gifts for Children: Younger Girls

When it comes to gifts for children, it is all about getting them something that will entertain them and keep them busy for hours. Children’s toys for girls are plentiful and sometimes it can seem overwhelming because there are just so many options. But girls aren’t that hard to shop for if you have an idea of age and what they may like.

For younger girls in their elementary school years, there’s a lot to think about. Each age group tends to want something very different. For the younger 4-6 year old set, it is all about dolls. But you don’t have to just settle with the classic Barbie. There are plenty of dolls that can talk and interact, teaching kids a variety of things, from addition and subtraction to how to dress themselves. Girls love the idea of dress up dolls and it is great when it can be incorporated with their actually day-to-day outfits as well. Girls at this age love dolls because they are companions to them. They’ll carry them around everywhere!

Girls this age are also very big into pretend play, especially playing house. They like to copy what they see in their own households and love interacting with each other to do it. Pretend play toys can be great gifts for children because it encourages that socialization.

As girls get a bit older, in the 7-10 age range, they might be more into fashion, creative exploits, and expressing themselves in a variety of ways. This is when they really start coming into their own, personality-wise. They want arts and crafts toys to play with, from stencils and drawing materials, to creating their own jewelery and accessories. It’s the age of really exploring creativity.

Once they reach 11-13 or so, girls start to grow away from children’s toys as many think of them and want to continue with just creating things. They also may have developed a hobby: dance, sports, academics, or any other number of interests. It’s great to start buying them things that pertain more to what they are passionate about.

Whatever you get girls as a gift, be sure to get to know a little bit about what they love to do, especially if you are getting it for a child that isn’t in your family and one you don’t interact with on a daily basis. Little girls will love almost anything you get them and will gravitate to any new toys that they make receive. — is has the educational toys for kids you’d want, from board games to puzzles and more.

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