Grand Canyon Helicopter Excursions Amaze Visitors

Grand Canyon National Park is undoubtedly a popular vacation destination with huge numbers of people visiting it each year. An extraordinary rift in the Earth’s surface, the Canyon continues to be one of the country’s top National Parks since 1919. This geological wonder of the world is a “must-see” for anyone traveling in the area, but seeing it from the air during a Grand Canyon helicopter trip is much better than experiencing it from the ground. In fact, lots of people say these air excursions are an absolute “must-do.”.

Trips take off from various Las Vegas airports and give their guests thrilling birds-eye views of this spectacular sight. Several kinds of canyon helicopter tours can be reserved, including private tours, charter flights and group tours. Trip packages can be up-graded to deliver an even better experience. There’s even a tour wherein you can take your wedding vows on-board a canyon chopper!

The lengths and prices of Grand Canyon chopper trips will differ according to the tours’ features. Flights can be taken all through the day, including sunrise and sunset flights. Most copter rides operate 7 days a week. Normally, pick-up services to and from your hotel are available in the Vegas area.

By booking one of these air trips you’ll be able to enjoy magnificent aerial views of the South, West, and North Rims, as well as seeing Guano Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and points in between the National Park and Las Vegas. Some Grand Canyon helicopter rides even go down to the canyon’s floor. You’ll have many opportunities to photograph the sights, and your memories will last a lifetime.

Various canyon heli trips offer different things, but many (if not all) flights should be narrated – and different languages are available. Comfortable seating is universal, and visibility should be superb regardless of where you sit. Features that reduce noise will make your Grand Canyon helicopter tour more pleasant, and they also safeguard the region’s fragile environment.

Weather in the area is usually good for flying all year round. However, tour operators take safety precautions if the weather turns inclement. Not to worry, though, as the skies clear fast in this neck of the woods. If your flight remain grounded, expect it to be rescheduled for later that day or whenever you can reschedule it back into your itinerary.

All chopper excursions have been endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and tour personnel keep your safety under consideration constantly. FAA accreditation requires that all aircraft be appropriately maintained, and this requirement is rigorously enforced. Safety records are on hand for all flights and many tour providers make this data available to their passengers.

Aircraft pilots are safety-conscious as well. Most of these airmen are extremely experienced, and all of them has been properly trained and certified for flying tour helicopters in accordance with specific FAA rules for sightseeing and tour flights. Most pilots also have completed a tough company-training program, and their extensive knowledge of the area comes out in the narration they supply during the flight.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours give you safe and sound, unique, birds-eye views of this spectacular scenic wonder. You can even enjoy fantastic aerial views of the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. You can pick from several tour packages and offerings to match your specific needs and wishes.

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