Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Are Relaxing Colorado River Float Trips

You can experience the magnificence of the Grand Canyon in several exciting ways: helicopter flights and white-water rafting are just two examples. Thrills of this nature are not preferred by everyone though. There are some who want a more relaxing ride, especially families with children. Slow moving trips, or Grand Canyon float tours down the Colorado River are offered between March and November every year.

It is much easier to take photos if you move slowly. You can also see quite a bit from your vantage point. Several million years of river action created amazing caves and striations in the canyon walls. The Hualapai river guide will provide you an amazing history of the area during Grand Canyon float tours.

You should definitely keep your eyes open on the Grand Canyon Rafting Tour. You could see birds of prey soaring high in the sky above you. Bighorn sheep are seen on a regular basis. If you look close enough, you may see hot water coming from the hot springs.

You have several choices of tours if you’re interested in Grand Canyon float tours down the Colorado. There is one tour that lasts for ten miles, starting at the Hoover Dam. If you wish, you could include a tour of the Hoover Dam. You might have a picnic lunch on the shores of Lake Mead during the rafting trips, or you could simply have a snack on the way back to the hotel.

A children’s rate is available, but they must be at least four years old. Group rates, including special rates for corporate outings, are also available. For an employee party, the Grand Canyon makes an outstanding backdrop. If you’re a newly-wed bride, you could invite the women in your bridal party to a Colorado River rafting trip to thank them.

Those wishing to participate in a float tour will be picked up directly from their hotels. You will be brought either by van or by motor coach. The available vans and buses feature video screens and very comfortable seats.

On the rafting tours, 35 people can fit in each raft. That means you’ll be able to make some new friends while you’re floating down the river and sharing your experiences with each other.

If you wish, you can book a combination Grand Canyon tour. The trips start with a flight over the Grand Canyon National Park. You board a raft once the chopper lands. The two types of experiences provide a wonderful contrast ? the aerial viewpoint from your helicopter is much different than the view from your raft, thousands of feet below the rim.

Make sure you bring the right clothes. You’ll probably get wet while you’re rafting ? especially if you decide to go for a swim in Lake Mead ? so bring a towel and a change of clothing. While the morning and evening will be cold, afternoons will be very hot in the desert. You should try to bring sunscreen, a sweater, and of course, a hat.

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