How Relationship Counseling Helps

By Tina Miller

Unlike Marriage Counselling, relationship counseling is not a popular and typical option for couples. as it is viewed as the last resort to save a relationship.

It is unfortunate, that not everyone is informed about the purpose of Relationship Counseling and its benefits. Relationship Counselling covers more than just the “it’s complicated” situation to help couples maintain, and often rebuild, a a healthy relationship.

Here are some of the benefits of Relationship Counseling:

1. Communicate with each other better – With the guidance of therapist/counselor, couples will learn to listen to and respect what their partners mean. Couples will understand that talking about a problem doesn’t always have to involve arguing. Instead, they will be to accept and address the issues together.

2. Sharing secrets – In a counseling session, you are taught to open up more to your partner. This will establish more trust and confidence for both partners by sharing secrets, your desires and talking about cherished memories.

3. Sex and Intimacy – The counseling aims to bring couples closer together. Couples will discover new things about their partners and it will make them appreciate their partner’s physical attributes. It will bring more spice and affection to your sex life.

4. Figuring out what’s wrong – The session will be able to identify the real problem between the couples and allow irreconcilable differences to be addressed. Counselors and therapists can act as peacekeepers and provide unbiased comments and advices. Issues will be addressed correctly. Another learning from this process is to resolve arguments without anger or frustration.

5. Getting to know each other better- Get to discover traits and attributes of your partner that are yet undiscovered. Learn more about their aspirations, desires, principles and values. Partners get to understand each other’s views and appreciate each other’s individuality.

6. Plan for the future – Some couple would like to know their plans for the future. This may include family planning, religion, financial issues, etc. It is healthy to exchange ideas on how you plan to spend your life together in the future.

7. Know your limits – The issue on privacy and limitation is a common disagreement among relationship. Some partners are comfortable on sharing everything and allowing their partners to check on private possessions – cellphones, emails, etc. However, some partners feel that going into their things is an invasion of their privacy and this becomes a major dispute involving trust and privacy. Discussing this issue together with a counselor will allow both partners to build a stronger foundation of trust. Learn to negotiate and compromise also.

Normally couples are expected to settle problems themselves but with the help of relationship counselors, couples can establish trust, better communication, and introduce wisdom into their relationship.

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