How To Make Him Marry You

You may have been dating a wonderful man for some time now and would like things to go a notch higher. You would want him to commit to marriage and are wondering what you should do. Take heart, this is a road that many women have travelled. This is a situation that many women face, but they are not aware of what is required of them. Why do some of your friends seem to zoom past you as they get their guys who make lasting commitments? How to make him marry you, well, relax; here are the simple methods that such women use with great success.

First of all, you should understand that you are not odd if you are thinking of ways of making your man commit. This is a natural desire that almost all women have. The problem is that you may be trying too hard to make him commit, which is just likely to take the romance out of your relationship. If you are struggling with encouraging the man to marry you, the sparkle in your relationship will die out, resulting in a discouraging dullness. You are likely to make the man feel like a cornered animal when he notices that you are putting pressure on him to make a commitment.

Take it easy

If you would like a man to commit, you should avoid struggling too hard but take things easy instead. You should give your relationship enough time to develop more naturally.

You should let the man feel that he is the one in charge of the decision. If he realizes that you have taken this role and are pressing him to marry, he will simply lose interest.

While you may succeed in finally pushing the guy to a marriage commitment, you will have a rather dry relationship devoid of happiness. You will be more likely to divorce.

Determine whether the guy is made of marriage stuff

You should realize that not all men are bound to marry. There are those who prefer a celibate life for as long as they live. You should therefore be able to determine whether your guy is meant for marriage or not.

Are you marriageable yourself?

Just as not every man is destined to marry, not every woman will end up married. If you want to make a man marry you, there are some special qualities you need to possess. These are what will draw the man to you strongly.

Take time to learn about these special characteristics and you will succeed in making the man say ‘I do!’

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