How To Turn His Commitment Phobia To Commitment Craze

While it is generally believed that we are the ones who usually drag our feet in relationship matters, the facts on the ground show that our male counterparts are guilty of this problem. If you are dating a man who does not take any action towards greater commitment than dating, it can be quite a challenge. The situation is even worse if you really love the man and would like to see your relationship blossom into a marriage.

Although changing a man who seems to be adamant against making a commitment may appear to be quite an uphill task, dealing with the issue is actually relatively simple. All that is important is to know the trick that works. Let us share some of the pertinent things that will help you solve the situation without throwing up the towel.

Don’t stress on the point

When faced with a situation whereby their boyfriends take things easy, many women decide to confront them with the issue. They will try very much to ‘talk sense’ into the guys. Unfortunately, this method tends to make the men even more adamant.

If your boyfriend notices that you are putting pressure on him to make him commit, he will react against it quite strongly. Right from childhood males do not appreciate being forced into circumstances they do not like. You will therefore meet with a lot of resistance when you keep raising the issue of commitment.

You will get his attention better when you stop talking about the issue all together. In fact, you should not give the impression that you are looking forward to anything deeper than a date.

Let him look for you

Another common mistake that we tend to make is to think that we will lose our boyfriends if we are not always available to them. Yet this is what will make them relax their efforts even more when it comes to making commitment. He will be assured of the fact that you will simply wait for him whenever he will be ready.

You should discipline yourself to make yourself scarce so that the commitment phobia men begin to think of looking for you. When your boyfriend starts missing you, he won’t risk losing you all together. In the process, he will make more commitment in order to win you over.

You should consider taking a vacation that will remove you from his presence for a while. This will make him realize that your life does not just revolve around his. This will spur him to chase after you, and then he will commit.

As you plan to go away, you should not let him know long before your departure. And don’t make any excuses either.

There are many other measures that you can take to jolt your commitment phobia boyfriend into seriously thinking of commitment. In order to be successful, you should ensure that the steps you take are discreet and make him think of marriage on his own.

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