Infidelity In Marriage As It Concerns Us Today

There are different problems confronting our marriages daily. Are we recording any headway? what’s our take on the state of these issues? Are they rising or reducing? We can only give an answer when we’ve looked around us at the marriages we have today. This matter would be looked at in this article.

I am constantly bothered by this question. Are marriages today encountering more challenges than in the past? I ask this because I’m attempting to determine if we can attribute the rise in infidelity in marriage to the fact that marriages today face more challenges.

If we’re to critically examine the problems faced by marriages now and those encountered by older marriages, we would sincerely find that the challenges may not have multiplied. What I say has changed is the way in which the challenges are tackled.

One thing everybody knows is truly needed to have a solid relationship is communication. Developing a solid communication with your spouse needs time together. We’ve now arrived at what I think is the main problem. The length of time we spend in our homes seems insignificant when compared with the time spent at our workplaces. It’s therefore little wonder that lot’s of the instances of infidelity occur with co-workers.

I recently discussed this with a colleague and he pointed out something to me. According to a study, it was stated that folks who have a television set in their bedrooms were more likely to have unresolved matters. Think about it. The couple can watch or pretend to watch a program rather than address a pressing matter. If the television weren’t there, the couple may have had no choice but to trash out the issue regardless of how heated things got.

We’ve just examined one little example of things that could be tearing our marriages apart. There appears to be too many alternatives to our spouses. The reason why many people are forced to learn how to cope with infidelity is because a spouse saw the affair as another alternative.

Prior to this time, people had to leave their homes to sit out arguments in a bar or simply walk it off. Now, you can simply get immersed in the internet, social media or television. Can you imagine a couple discussing while one of them is chatting on a social media network? This is an everyday sight. How crazy is this?

One thing I know is our biggest issue today is managing our time well so we can create time for our spouses. We have to begin to have periods we turn off our Ipads, televisions etc and just communicate with our partner. We shouldn’t let inventions that were made to help us start to eat up the very fabric of our society.

Everything always has been an issue of choice and this is not different. You need to decide if you want to build your marriage by creating time for it.

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