Interesting But Strange Customs And Practices All Over The World

Many countries from all over the world are known for their odd customs and traditions. For many who are mere transients in these places, they might consider these customs to be out of the ordinary or perhaps inhumane. Nevertheless, those who know the meaning behind these beliefs appreciate them despite of their eccentricity. Read along and learn about some of the strange customs and traditions in places all over the world.

Some people might be surprised to be looking at a group of monkeys atop a buffet table, feasting on sumptuous dishes. The Monkey Buffet Festival is held annually in Thailand. On this occasion, over 3000 kgs of vegetables and fruits are fed to several monkeys that live in the province of Lopburi, in Bangkok.

Lots of people think that the Polterabend custom is rather odd. It is a popular practice in Germany. Before couples are wed, their families and close friends meet for an informal affair. Then, the invitees are asked to break things such as dinner wares, and flower pots, except glasses. Once the entire place is in disarray, the couples should clean up the broken items. This tradition teaches the couple the significance of being united and of team work, which are essential to make their marriage a success.

Spain might be popular for bullfights, but, Turkey is popular for camel wrestling. Many spectators are amazed to watch 2 male camels fight. Although there are no injuries that afflict the camels or the spectators, still, people are asked to stay away from the camels throughout the wrestling match. Agitated camels tend to discharge saliva with an undesirable texture and foul smell.

Antzar Eguna is a well-known tradition in Spain, meaning “The Day of the Geese”. On this occasion, a goose is covered in grease and is tied very high over a body of water. Then, men try to get a hold of the goose as they are jumping in their boat. The objective is to rip off the goose’s head, as they grab it. This particular event is a test of the gentlemen’s strength, endurance, and agility, which would make them deserving to marry the woman they adore. However, the custom is no longer practiced using a real goose, owing to animal rights concerns. In addition, The Day of the Geese is merely celebrated in Lekeitio, as part of the festival of San Antolin.

Young girls in China used to be obliged to go through the excruciating process of foot binding. For almost one thousand years, the Chinese believed that small feet are marks of beauty and desirability among women. This perception caused the Chinese people to intentionally prevent the growth of little girls’ feet by binding them. In the late 1940’s, this tradition was stopped because of the agonizing experience that little Chinese girls suffered from.

These customs are a few of the strange and extraordinary practices in many places all over the world. Some of these might seem absurd; however, the locals believed that these practices permit them to learn essential values and lessons in their lives.

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