Leaving Your Wedding In Style

Your wedding can be one of the most memorable days of your life – and one of the best. Of course, once all the vows have been said, the cake been cut and the party finished, you need to wave your guests off and leave on your honeymoon, but what’s the most stylish way to depart?


Obviously if you’re leaving in a helicopter you are having a pretty lavish wedding, but doing so in this manner is probably one that will live with your guests long after you have departed. Because of its great expense you’ll probably need connections to someone who owns one and can fly it, but the final image of a bridge climbing into the cockpit and taking to the skies is certainly and iconic one and will add a certain wow factor to your wedding day.

Hot Air Balloon

Of course, another way to leave your wedding while taking to the skies is to do so in a hot air balloon, which is considerably less expensive than doing so in a helicopter and will leave just as indelible and impression on the memory of your guests. While you soar away from them you will also be able to look down on all your friends, thus providing a perfect moment to throw the bouquet to the single women. Of course, don’t leave it too long or you’ll be throwing it from such a great height that you might miss them all together, or worse still, hurt someone with the bouquet itself.

In A Carriage

For a more traditional way to leave a wedding you can climb into a carriage and be whisked away with your spouse by horses and the crack of a whip from the carriage driver. What is of added benefit in this scenario is that you can look out through the back of the carriage to your friends and also because you can be taken directly to your destination. Of course, if that destination is actually quite far off then you might want to change transport after a while as horse and carriage is hardly the speediest way to get around in the twenty-first century.

As you can see there are many different ways to leave a wedding and there are plenty of options available as to how best to impress your guests as you depart the most memorable day of your life. What’s your favourite wedding departure?

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