Locket Necklace Review

By Matt Henderson

There is not more of a timeless treasure than a locket necklace. They became popular in the Victorian era as a valuable charm that opened to reveal pictures of loved ones. Today the locket necklace still means as much, it is considered in trend with the vintage styles which have increased in popularity. A locket necklace is the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just because. Often it will be passed down through generations.

The locket necklace comes in many styles. Typically they are a heart, circle or oval shape. They are hung from a chain around the neck, and made of precious metals such as different types of gold, sterling silver, or both. They can be encrusted with diamonds or other gemstones as well. Some even have a glass front so the contents inside can be seen, but typically they click open to reveal the pictures, lock of hair, or other contents.

There are many places to find a locket necklace. Antique shops are sure to carry several, but if the buyer would like to purchase one brand new they are available at Pottery Barn, Sears, Saks Fifth Avenue, Things Remembered and most jewelry stores. Pottery Barn carries a locket necklace for children that is featured in silver and engraved with the child’s initial. Sears offers an antique style, silver or gold etched, oval-shaped locket. At Saks one can find a very unique triangle shaped locket with an eye in the center. It is made of 14 karat gold, and is quite unique. Things Remembered is skilled at engraving which is a nice touch and they carry a personalized angel locket. There surely are a wide variety of locket necklaces to choose from regardless of where one shops. When buying a locket necklace, it is important to keep the recipient in mind. Consider their overall style, and what type of jewelry they already wear. As stated before, the vintage style is very much a trend right now. A picture can be placed in the locket before presenting it, which adds a special touch. The quality is definitely important because if the locket is to be passed down through generations then the buyer will want it to be built to last. Only quality products will do that. Be sure that the jeweler or salesperson knows all the specifics on the product, and there is some sort of warranty on the product.

Anyone who receives a locket necklace as a gift is guaranteed to treasure it forever. It is the thoughtful and sentimental gifts that are most special, and a locket is sure to please.

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