Online Dating Advice For Guys – 4 Mistakes That You Won’t Want To Make

By Lucas Gray

Do you kind of feel like having success with online dating is kind of a mystery to you? Do you wonder what seems to make the difference for guys that have a good time meeting women on these kinds of sites versus guys who join them and don’t seem to gain any traction with any women at all? If so, then you are going to enjoy what you are about to read, because I am going to help you avoid 4 mistakes that most men will end up making that will cost them any chance that they might have had at having a decent time with online dating. If you have ever heard a guy complain about how online dating just does not work – there is a good chance that he made one of these 4 mistakes.

So, what are they?

1. You only try out one site and then give up.

Not all online dating sites are the same and they don’t all attract the same crowd. There are those that are geared more towards long term relationships and marriage and then there are those that are geared more towards just going out and having a good time with someone. Some attract people from one region more than others, and some have more of a broader appeal. So, you don’t want to give up on the entire notion that you can meet someone online just because you don’t have success on one site only. You may want to try out more than one, just so that you can get a really good shot at meeting someone you will click well with.

2. You are not making conversation with women online.

You can’t be the shy guy at a party and then complain about not having any women come and talk to you and it is the same when you are on a dating site as well. You have to try and make conversation with women if you want to be successful at using the web to meet women. It’s a little bit easier when you are not face to face, so don’t be afraid to try and make conversation with a few women to see what happens when you do. Otherwise, you will be just another lonely profile in a digital heap with others.

3. You put up pictures that make you seem totally immature.

Do people judge someone by the pictures that they put up on these sites? You bet they do. So, if you have pictures of yourself doing silly things or immature things, you may not want to upload them. One of the first things that a woman is going to do when she comes across your profile is to take a look at those pics, so you want to make the best impression that you can. Choose which ones you put up on your profile wisely, because it does matter.

4. You don’t do anything to take things offline.

Really, the whole point of using an online dating site is to meet someone that you can then hang out with face to face. Some guys never make that move, though. They make female friends on these sites and all they do is instant message and chat via the web but they don’t meet up in person. You have to be able to take the next step and meet up in person if you want to feel really satisfied with the way that things are going for you when it comes to using the web to meet women.

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