Review of Ceramic Rings

By Matt Henderson

Ceramic rings are becoming a popular choice in wedding rings and gives the happy couple has a wide range of options to choose from. These rings have many benefits over the more traditional types of wedding rings that are made of platinum, silver, or gold. Some of the benefits of a ceramic type rings is that it is more functional, more durable, and more affordable.

The type of material ceramic rings are made of include Tic or Titanium carbine. This ring is also known as a high-tech ring and the material it is made out of is used in many forms of contemporary jewelry such as many of the men’s wedding bands that are on the market. An example of this is the 8mm Classic Dome Black Ceramic Ring that is sold by Wedding Rings Forever. This lightweight hi-tech ring is ideal for a wedding ring because it is hypoallergenic and highly scratch resistant. This ring comes in black but is available on a special order in white. This ring has a high polish finish and available in sizes to include 7-12 and can ship within 24 hours.

Ceramic rings are also safe and comfortable and give many individuals who are allergic to metal a chance to have an alternative to metal rings that is safer and more comfortable. Due to the options available for a comfortable fit that includes providing an inside surface that is rounded and hugs a person’s finger, these rings provide the wearer with a greater degree of comfort than a traditional ring. A ceramic type ring also provides the wearer with durability that is even more durable that platinum and steel. The Mohs Scale of Hardness rates the high-tech ring as a nine, based on their scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest. The platinum and steel rings range in the 4.5 category. Since high tech ceramic rings are so durable, they are very hard to break and are very resistant to nicks, imperfections and scratches that other types of jewelry may incur.

Professional Tungsten Jewelry has the Ceramic Faceted and polished shiny Ring Noblest Jewelry that completes a casual appearance in style. This ring is faceted, polished shiny, weighs 18 grams and is cobalt free. They also sell the Comfort Fit Fine Jewelry Ceramic Ring that is cobalt free, weighs 18 grams, brushed and polished shiny.
Even though ceramic rings are very durable, they can sustain chipping and require a certain degree of care to avoid damage. It is recommended that these rings be stored when they are not in use. In order to clean this ring, it should simply be wiped with water damp cloth and dried with an additional lint free cloth. If a ceramic ring is white, it should be cleaned more frequently with mild detergent and water and be completely dry prior to storing.

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