Review on Antique Ring Settings

By Matt Henderson

Much has changed over the years. Many styles come and go, both in jewelry and in clothing. As with many classic styles however, they always seem to find their way back on the scene. Such is the case with the resurgence of classic fine jewelry settings. From jewelry collectors, to the average person, antique jewelry settings have become increasingly popular over the recent years. This is especially true for rings. Antique ring settings have grown in popularity over the last few decades in part because designers of clothes and jewelry are starting to bring back the classic styles of yesteryear onto runways, showrooms and clothes racks. From J.C. Penney to Alfred Angelo.

The old classic styles of yesterday in fact can be found readily from opulent gowns, to tea length cocktail dresses. Today, much of the formal attire has moved back in time to when everyone who had an occasion to go out had more style and class. This theme has become also true of fine jewelry. As more people look to match jewelry with their clothing for special occasions, they look to the classics of yesteryear to finish their look. The classic style of clothing from yesteryear can seem at times seems to almost clash with the more modern clear cut jewelry styles. Because of this, the older antique ring settings have surged back in style. These classic antique designs tend to have much more character and detail which is much more appealing of a match with more elegantly designed clothing.

In clothing shifts, the wedding gowns and formal wear is one of the more predominant places we see the shift. However, it can be witnessed in the semi-formal wear as well. As the trend is increasing, we see it etch it’s way even among the royals, With Prince William and Kate choosing to use more classic wedding attire and Prince William choosing to give Kate his mother’s wedding blue sapphire more vintage wedding ring. This design is similar to many Victorian style rings and has become a classic ever since.

Antique ring settings today can be found in almost all jewelry stores in both yellow and white gold, and sterling silver. Gemstones in the more antique ring settings can vary from rubies, opals, emeralds and sapphires to the more traditional elegant diamond rings. Some of the more traditional antique settings also have finite gold engravings around the gemstones.

Often more modern rings focus solely on the gemstone as the main focus. In traditional antique jewelry, the gemstone is a main focal point but is strongly accented by other smaller gems and but much fine detail throughout the gold and silver ring base. This can include much detail in the band itself and is not just exclusively shown on the top part of the ring but also at the base and surrounding curvature. Antique ring settings give an elegant feeling and finish the evening’s attire with splendor and grace. It is the perfect accent to any elegant style.

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