Ring Enhancers

By Matt Henderson

Ring enhancers are ring bands containing additional stones that are meant to be worn with or around a solitaire diamond ring. These bands can be worn around one side of the ring or can completely wrap around both sides of the solitaire diamond. What these enhancers do is implied in their name, they make the ring look bigger and like it has extra stones. These enhancers make rings look more beautiful, brighter, and more intricate. One enhancer can be worn at time but as many as four enhancers can be worn together with a ring.

Ring Enhancers

As Gifts Ring enhancers are great to give as gifts because they add to the beauty of an existing ring. A woman who always wears an engagement or diamond ring and is unlikely to take it off can make the beauty of her current ring more abundant by using an enhancer. Because the enhancers can be worn in addition to an existing wedding ring an enhancer can be a great anniversary gift. Giving a woman a new ring is a nice gift but it can be hard for her to find the right place to wear it or a good finger to wear it on if she is already wearing her wedding ring. Some women do not like to wear a ring on every finger so adding an enhancer to the wedding ring she already wears is a great solution to put more jewelry on her hand and make her wedding ring stand out with more beauty.

Considerations For Enhancers

When buying ring enhancers it is important to know every detail about the ring it will be enhancing because the enhancer is supposed to fit snugly around the existing ring and look as if it is a part of that ring. If it is at all possible to bring the ring to the jeweler to show them the ring so they can take measurements that is the best idea. This way it will be a tight fit and it will be hard to tell the enhancer apart from the ring. It is important for the metals to match and for the shapes to fit together like a puzzle. Though enhancers can be separated from the ring and the original ring can be worn alone some women love to wear their enhancers so much that the end up getting the enhancements attached to the ring itself.

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