Ring Mountings

By Matt Henderson

In the event that you are looking for a band, whether it is a right hand wedding ring or an engagement ring, there are many various things you will want to be aware of to ensure that you’re making a suitable decision. A high quality diamond ring can be a big investment for any person, which is why it is important to know about different rings and ring options when you go shopping. In addition to needing to know about diamonds and different diamond types and cuts, it is also important to know about ring mountings. Having a general knowledge of ring mountings is a great way to make sure that you end up with the right type of ring.

One of the most basic ring mountings or ring settings for diamond rings is knowing as the prong setting. This is the setting that many people see on basic diamond rings that are simply attached to a metal band. With these settings the diamond is usually set fairly high. Many people love this setting because it really makes the center stone stand out as it appears very prominently on the ring. The bezel setting is a getting that is usually set lower in the ring. Typically bezel settings are surrounded by other small stones or diamonds known as a halo. This is when a larger center stone is circled or framed with the smaller stones as a way to really accentuate the main stone.

The channel setting for ring mountings will feature a row of small stones around the main stone. These stones are set flat into the ring. These rings are typically seen in wedding bands as well. Many people like this option for for their diamond ring settings because the smaller diamonds are set so low in the band of the ring that there is little chance for the small side stones to come loose. The pave setting is a setting that is very similar to the channel setting. With pave diamonds there are usually more diamonds on the setting and more smaller diamonds that appear on the band and around the main diamond. this gives the illusion that the ring is literally made entirely of stones and makes the metal less prevalent.

The flush ring mounting is one that is idea for smaller center stones and ensures that the stone is securely in place in the setting. With this setting, the diamond will sit in an opening in the band. As the name suggests, the diamond or center stone will be literally flesh with the metal. There will be no prongs visible, which is something that many people prefer stylistically.

These are not the only types of ring mountings available, you will find other mountings as well and other styles like antique, art deco and more. The mounting of the ring is essential to making sure that your ring looks the way you want to. No matter what mounting you choose, the most important part of choosing a mounting is finding one that fits your own style.

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