Saving Your Marriage – A Worthy Undertaken

It’s everyday knowledge that divorce is very much on the rise. People have blamed this on many different causes. Have you ever wondered at the fact that these statistics are developed from the experiences of others? It doesn’t mean that’s what would happen to yours. You can make certain your marriage works for you.

There exist some marriages that have stayed a long while. Does it occur to you that these marriages had their time of challenges? None of these were exempt from facing challenges. If you look closely, you may find out that some of them have even had to face more serious challenges. What made these marriages last for this long? Commitment!

If your marriage is right now on a shaky ground and you are getting worried, one very important thing you require is a commitment to saving your marriage. When you are committed, you can then do all you would need to do.

Extramarital affairs have set a lot of marriages on the verge of collapse. This is something that a lot of couples believe cannot be repaired.

You can actually be taught how to survive an affair. We have seen marriages that recovered from the challenge of an affair and are now even stronger. It involves a highly demanding process though. That’s why I said earlier that you must be committed to saving your marriage.

This writeup would not be delving deep into this subject. What we would focus on is trying to highlight some question we would want to ask ourselves. It is our believe that by facing some of the questions, we would have some clarity.

When a person’s spouse has had an affair, it hits them in two ways. The pain the spouse feels is really brought about by the sense of betrayal. The next thing is a level of self doubt. Lot’s partners due to this just want to see the person involved with their partner in the affair.

This usually is an attempt at seeing what the other person has that they don’t have. It is here that lot’s of people lose self confidence. If this self confidence isn’t repaired, you can’t forgive your spouse and your marriage would not be healed.

How do we go about rebuilding your self confidence?

The first thing you must do before you start on this mission is to determine if you want to save that marriage. Success is only possible when this is what you want.

The process now truly starts with you trying to determine the root cause of the affair. It’s common to discover that affairs are traced to an unfulfilled desire that was then fulfilled elsewhere. You may find out that your partner just responded to a desire you weren’t willing to meet.

Discovering that you possess the wherewithal to keep your partner fully satisfied can be a confidence booster. Know that nothing is good enough a reason for infidelity so we are not making a case for anyone. The objective of the examination is to lead to the restoration of your marriage.

Your next task is to stop blaming yourself and forgive yourself for your failings. You can’t forgive your partner until you forgive yourself. When you’re done doing these, the hard work of restoring trust can begin.

Going through this process would certainly not be as simple as it was to write it. Just encourage yourself with the knowledge that you can come out with an even better marriage. The main question still remains the same – Do you desire to save your marriage?

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