Senior Dating Tips: Three Signs To Tell If Your Man Is A Keeper

Have you reached that crossroad in your relationship in which you have to think if you should go on with your relationship or end it? It’s an important decision that will affect you and your partner or date. Is it time to move on or end it all?

You know that he is a great guy ever since you laid eyes on him. Is he really worth it? Is he the guy that you are waiting for? Can he make you happy? Is he the kind of man that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with?

Here are some indicators that tells you whether your man is a good marriage material or not. Remember these tips when you are in the crossroads with your man.

1. He constantly keeps you happy and contented. Think about it, not everyone can make us feel like that. It’s one of the signs that your guy is worth spending your life with. Being consistently happy and content in your relationship is a great sign. You may not agree 100% every time and there are differences between you two but you always work it out together. You both can help each other fulfill your needs, you both know when to step up and when to back down. If it’s the other way around then rethink about it. If you find yourself constantly being in fights, frustrated and resentful- then the relationship will end sooner or later.

2. He is a responsible and true to his words. Great personality and attitude is one of the best tell tale signs if a man is a keeper or not. It’s one of the main criteria to look for in a mate. Is your guy responsible? How does he live his life? Is he a diligent worker? Reliable and independent? Then it’s a good sign. Can he keep his word? Is he responsible for the choices he makes? If things don’t work too well, does he pass the buck or own his faults and attempt to make things right? When you feel like life is weighing you down with problems and challenges, it’s best that you have a support system. Have someone who will be by your side through it all, as you encounter all these bumps in life. Having someone who is responsible and honors his word is a great sign of a keeper.

3. He treats everyone well and does so fairly. You can tell how good a person is by the way he treats others. Observe how he treats others and how he interacts with people from different walks of life. Does he put up a good guy act in front of you? Then observe him on a regular basis and his real colors will show. He can’t hide it forever to just impress you. If he really if a good person then it will reflect on him. If you see him treat others with compassion and kindness in your presence or absence then it’s a great sign that he’s a keeper.

The attraction between you two is undeniable. You are 100% positive of all the attraction you feel for each other. He is open to commitment and so are you. Remember how you feel is subjective, it’s not the same for everyone. What you find attractive in a person may not be the same in how your family or friends view it. The essence of a person and how they treat you and those that are close to you can help determine if he’s worth keeping or not.

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