Single Parents Dating: 5 Tips To Regain The Glamour In Your Relationship

You don’t need to spend hundreds to feel like superstars. You can do so even at home. With creative thinking, effort and drive; you can get that spark ignited in your relationship. Here are some tips to help you transform the simplest things to a glamorous experience.

1. Adding a touch of style.

It all starts with your attitude and perspective on things. If you want to prepare something for dinner then be creative about it. Instead of the usual delivery dinner in foil and foam cups in the table- think presentation. It counts. Make it a little fancier, you’ll not only win his appetite but his heart. If you want to give flowers then write a card along with it, this makes it more personal. This will make her feel better and loved by you.

2. Looking good.

You and your partner may have been used to seeing each other plain faced, in baggy shirts but don’t let yourself look too haggard. Make yourself look presentable and smelling good. Get rid of those nasty bags, smack some lotion on your skin, shave and comb your hair. Wear something nice instead of the usual house clothes and don light makeup. Make an effort for your partner and he will do the same. This goes to all the things that you do. When cooking for him or even ordering delivery, then serve the food in attractive dishes and nice plates. Add some music and candlelight for that romantic feel. Even Chinese delivery food looks better and becomes a meal worth staying over.

3. Dining out.

If you fancy eating out, then hunt down for the cheapest deals or coupons. You can still get to taste those expensive foods with just the half price if you look. If not then set aside a budget for that. Go out to a fancy restaurant at least once a month for a change. Make reservations and set aside the best time for both of you to dine out. You can make a great change with your dining experience at home. Having your dates and lunches at McDonald’s isn’t as romantic as being in a posh restaurant.

4. Join the club.

When you want to get that VIP treatment and the best deals in town then be a supporter. It can be an organisation, gallery or theatre club. You can get those exclusive preview ticket and join champagne receptions without spending too much.

5. Weekend getaway.

You don’t really need to go to another country, a nearby city or a good tourist spot in your town would be nice. Spend the holidays some place else other than just staying at home. You can go to sea side resorts, hotels with pools or mountain resthouses. Get a massage and unwind together. You can get to spend time together and do some fun activities too. You can be together alone and just spend time basking in each other’s presence.

You really don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks just to get that VIP treatment if you know where to look. If you are practical and creative; you can surprise him in many different ways. Hunt out the bargains in all the best deals in your town. Turn something common into something glamorous and he’s appreciate your efforts.

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