Single Parents Dating: The 7 Giveaway Signs You Are In-Love

Now that you are dating once again, and have found your perfect match- it’s just some time now that you’d truly feel in love- or are you already? He makes you feel like a teenage girl, butterflies in the stomach and all that. He makes you feel like your the only girl in the room. Being with him is just pure ecstasy.

Could it be love? Or is it love? If you find yourself recognising any of these few signs then it might be the real thing- be ready.

1. You are ready to leave them all behind. You have the habit of hoarding memorabilia of your ex and holding on to memories that you have had with him- but now you are freeing yourself from them. They are just clutter in your life, though the memories are sweet, you are moving on.

2. Your ex has a new girl and you don’t care. You don’t even bat an eyelash over it and you don’t feel jealous- as you usually would. You have accepted that, and completely moving on. You have a great partner with your now, why even bother with the past?

3. Your crush can’t seem to make you blush or giddy anymore. Whenever your crush passes you by you get the butterflies in the stomach. Now, he doesn’t have that effect on you anymore. In fact you barely notice them. You find that your partner is the most attractive person and everybody else just fades before him.

4. You are not turned off with physical imperfections. Well, let’s put it this way. When you are at “lust” with someone, the slightest deviation from being “perfect” destroys the attraction. You talk and find they have lettuce lodged between their teeth. When they cry and get those panda eyes like someone has just punched them in the eye. Instant turn off for you and you don’t want to be ever near them again. Well, if you are in “love” with someone, you’ll feel protective rather than put off. If you see them getting panda eyes, next time you give a present of water proof makeup. Viola! Problem solved.

5. You share your smallest plans to your biggest goals in life. Whether it’s just talking about your weekend shopping list to the end of the year plans; making your shopping list and touring the world- you include your partner with your plans. You want them to know because you love them and that they are part of you.

6. You are invited by his family- and you are thrilled. Instead of your usual freeze and flight response, you are actually excited for the day to come. And especially that they treat you as a pair and not just him and some other girl. You get to relax and be yourself in their presence. And him by your side just helps a lot.

7. You show them off to others. You don’t want to keep him to yourself unless it’s behind close doors. You want your friends to know him and he doesn’t seem to mind. You include him in your social life and he enjoys the company but mostly being with you.

Do you find yourself nodding along with the signs? Then better make sure about how you truly feel. It’s love! Make it grow and make him feel it. Share your feelings, your thoughts and your life with him. Make him feel that he is worth it and that he’s important. He will do the same and even more for you.

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