Single Parents Dating Tips: 3 Signs That You Are Not Ready For Marriage

Getting married is one of the most wonderful and looked forward to event for couples who are getting serious. For it to work, you have to be committed, love each other without boundaries and completely accept each other- with the flaws and all. Before you pick out the wedding themes and who should cater for your big day, make sure that you are ready to really walk the aisle before you freeze in the carpet and turn the other way around. Sounds like the movies huh? Whatever it is, you should get married for the right reasons.

There are certain signs that tell whether you are not ready to tie the knot with your partner- even though how madly in love you are with each other.

1. You feel disdain with your partner.

This is true for those who are already in a long term relationship with their partner. You may have been together for 5 years or more. Getting annoyed is quite normal, maybe due to their habits or stubborn attitude. But if you find that the affectionate eye-rolls have transformed into the glare of death and growls from you then back away. Wedding bells are the last thing you need. If your partner endlessly annoys you by just being there, then maybe you are in a “not too good” relationship. Being passive-aggressive is a trait which is a bad sign for a relationship. If you find yourselves constantly whining and bickering about each other rather than truly communicating- then stop, think about what it really means for you and hold off tying the knot.

2. Not feeling good about yourself.

If you can’t be yourself with your partner, then what would happen if he gets to find out who you really are? If you are constantly hiding behind a mask and your partner only knows that mask- how would he truly know who you are? When you want to change who you are to please your partner, it just makes you clingy and dependent rather than being honest and independent. Are you afraid that you will lose his respect and affection? Why are you afraid to be yourself? If you think that he can’t accept who you really are then there’s no reason to stay? There are no perfect relationships. Great couples celebrate their differences rather than hinder it. You can both accommodate each other’s differences and even develop each other’s personality.

3. You’d figure that it’s the only way in which you can really trust them.

A relationship can never flourish without trust. Why keep a companion you can’t trust? Marriage is supposed to be wonderful and supportive. If you are constantly nagging your partner to marry you just to prove that they love you- then you are in for the wrong reasons. You are doubtful about your partner and your relationship all along if that’s your way of thinking. This makes you think that maybe you don’t love each other that much. It means that you are insecure about yourself and you need that kind of commitment to make up for it. A wedding won’t fix your trust issues. You have to work them out yourselves before you commit to something permanent.

Are you ready to tie the knot for the right reasons? If you are not sure, then think about it and take some time out. Are you really happy with your partner? Are you contented of who you have become? Marriage should not be taken lightly, it’s a lifelong commitment that you must take with your partner. Make sure that you have sorted all your issues before you find yourself in front of the altar.

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