Sugardaddy Dating: Ways To Tell Your Woman Is a Keeper

She is perfection. She is your ideal woman, the woman you have dreamed of meeting. Now she is with you, by your side and you are contented with the relationship that you have. She’s like an angel, even your friends envy her. How could they not? She’s everything that a man could dream of. She’s a keeper, or so you think. How could you tell that she’d stay?

1. You can talk openly with her.

Have you ever enjoyed talking to someone that you just can’t help but open up to them? With the failed relationships that you have gad, you have been guarded and don’t like to discuss your feelings. But how it is that you find yourself opening up to this woman? Simply put, you find it easy to trust her. You trust her to understand you and listen. You trust her enough not to laugh at you when you share something with her. You find it great to have her around and that with her you can make sense of life and everything under the sun.

2. She answers back to you.

You like it when she listens to you with an open mind but you like it even better when she holds to her own arguments. Not all the time that she agrees with you but she knows how to handle those times. She is courteous and has self-respect. She proves her point with patience and not get steamrollered or try to get the best of you. She knows better but she does get her point across when necessary. If you want to keep up a healthy relationship, then both your voices must be heard.

3. She dresses up to feel good about herself and not for you.

In order to win over a person we fancy, we would try to change our taste in some things. Like your choice of clothes, the perfume you use or how you do your hair and makeup. Like when you would date a rock star, you would never want to be caught dead listening to Beyonce.

However, if you would want to be in this for a long term, you have to be true to yourself. If he wants you then he has to embrace who you are- including your tastes in things and all the things you share in common. If you are not a dressy type of girl who would prefer jeans over skirts but when you are with him, you feel the need to dress up- it’s fine, but you are not being yourself. You may feel privileged that she has done so but she’s not comfortable with it. A woman who is comfortable in the clothes she wears is much easier to socialise with and more at ease with herself.

There are certain things that can help you tell if a woman is a keeper. Being a great partner and being a keeper are are two different things. You can be a great lover but not a keeper. To be able to create a strong long term relationship, it should be founded first on trust and love. To tell if a woman is a keeper is not just about her but also with her relationship with you. They can give you clues as to how compatible you two really are.

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