Tell-Tale Signs That A Guy Loves You

Is a guy trying to make his moves on you? Do you think that he is falling in love you? How could you tell that he is into you? Your mind probably went blank with the last question. Face it, you are not sure if he likes you or not. Surely, you are dying to know if a guy loves you or not. You probably don’t want to be considered as just his friend. But, it would be humiliating to ask if he is into you or not.

Men are so hard to decipher. You could not tell if he is making his move on you or he’s just being nice. It’s hard to tell because there’s only a slight difference. It would be hard to approach him because it would be too assuming of you to say that he has feelings for you. But, there are tell-tale signs that a guy loves you.

1. He takes you out to a fancy restaurant every now and then.

He is the guy you know from work or perhaps a close friend of yours. He invites you to a fancy restaurant. Well, there’s a possibility that he is into you. After all, guys don’t spend much of their money on food if they don’t like you. The guy is trying to impress you. Also, he wants to treat you extra special by taking you out in some fancy dining place. He even gives you a bouquet of flowers. What is more is that, he not only picks you up in a cab but in a rented car. He goes all the way just for you.

2. He is at your doorstep right away when you want him over.

You call him up and ask him if he can come over. Within less than 30 minutes, he is at your doorstep. He is willing to leave his job for the moment just so he can be with you. He is concerned when you called up. He thinks that something bad must have happened to you and you needed him. Call him at any given time of the day and he will come running to you.

3. He says the “L” word nervously.

You have to know that men don’t say the “L” word right away and that easy. He sweats a lot. His hands are shaking before he tells you that he loves you. Also, he doesn’t say it very often. When a man says that he loves you, he really means it. Men are not wired to be vocal about their feelings. They don’t say something not unless they mean it.

4. He introduces you to the people that matter to him.

You would be happy to know that he has feelings for you when he invites you to a Sunday get-together with his family. He makes it a point to bring you along on his brother or sister’s birthday. What is more is that, he even brings you along as his date in his friend’s wedding.

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