The Correlation Of Genetic Makeup And Alcoholics’ Strong Longing For Alcoholic Drinks

Have you ever wondered why alcoholics cannot control their urge to drink alcoholic beverages? Are you aware of the inner workings of their brains when they drink alcohol? For years, alcoholic beverages are present in different occasions such as parties, get-togethers and other special occasions. Despite knowing the detrimental effects of alcoholic beverages on their health, alcoholics cannot control their urge to drink more, thus they continue to ingest alcoholic drinks whenever they have the longing for it. Why do these people crave more for alcoholic beverages?

Definition of alcoholism

It is the inability of a person to manage or to control the strong yearning for alcoholic beverages. Alcoholics often have the strong urge to drink alcoholic drinks to feel normal or good. Most often, their cravings for alcoholic beverages are stronger than their craving for certain types of foods. It’s so severe that they feel they cannot live without it. Why is this so? Because they are already dependent on them, alcoholics are taken to alcohol treatment centers. Did you know that everyday, there are individuals admitted to rehab centers for treatment. Despite the myriad alcoholics who end up in treatment centers, health experts cannot pinpoint the exact causes of alcoholism and why some individuals shift from casual drinking or social drinking to alcoholism.

Scientific facts about alcohol craving

Results of studies show that the quantity of alcoholic beverages and the frequency of alcohol consumption at the early stages of their lives have huge influence on possibility of becoming alcoholics later in their lives. Researchers found that alcoholism starts once a person drinks alcoholic beverages because the gradual and progressive drinking of alcoholic beverages changes the balance of chemicals inside their brains, the gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA).

GABA is the natural brain chemical that is responsible for higher functions of the brain. It is the most abundant central nervous system neurotransmitters that are responsible for multiple brain functions like sensation interpretations, thoughts and actions. When a person drink alcohol, the level of GABA decreases, thereby inhibiting a person from doing even simple tasks. One good example of this is when a person gets drunk and unable to do tasks. When he becomes sober, the effects on GABA also decrease. Nonetheless, regular alcohol consumption reduces GABA as well.

Meanwhile, glutamate is another biochemical in the nervous system that is affected when a person drinks alcohol. The level of glutamate increases when a person drinks alcoholic drinks. It turns on the nervous system and sparks pleasure when alcoholics consume alcohol. When this feeling fades, they consume more alcoholic drinks to make the sensation lasts longer. This causes their bodies to crave for more alcohol alcoholic drinks, thereby resulting to alcoholism in the long run. Since they cannot control their craving for alcohol, alcoholics are taken to rehab centers to avail expert services and treatments like inpatient alcohol rehabilitation, ayuverdic alcoholism treatment, holistic alcohol addiction treatment, counseling and many more.

Researchers also discovered that children of alcoholic parents are prone to suffer the same fate like their mothers or fathers. It just shows that genetic makeup of a person can also foretell if an individual becomes an alcoholic like their parents.

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