The Ingredients To The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

From the calm breeze to the soothing sand, and the peaceful waves crashing to the gorgeous sunset, a Florida wedding is dreamy for many. As with any wedding, there are a number of priorities and responsibilities to take care of prior to the big day. For the bride, there may be none bigger than selecting the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in.

While some may view the selection process of a beach wedding dress as a challenge, it is better to look at with increased freedom. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to selecting a gown to sport on the beach. There are a few things you will want to keep in mind during the shopping process.

First and foremost comes color. White and ivory continues to be the predominant choice for brides-to-be no even when walking down the sandy aisle. It is traditional and something that many women like to stick to. However, a beach wedding opens the door to a vast amount of beautiful pastel colored dresses that can be bright and vibrant on the gorgeous beach setting.

As you look at the fabric, a lot of beach wedding dresses are created with lighter, cooler fabrics. While jumping from store to store, you will see a lot of dresses made of chiffon, duchess satin crepe, cotton, organza and voile. And sometimes even a mixture of the materials can make up the perfect dress.

Weather and the overall setting should always be taken into consideration when thinking about a beach wedding. Because wind is inevitable, be cautious about going with a full skirt or cathedral design veil as this is prone to being blown all over. And train style dresses should be avoided because of the sand.

What this does leave open is sleek gowns with spaghetti straps or strapless dresses so you can show off the nice tan you have collected while in Florida. Just remember, there are numerous options for beach wedding dresses considering the casual look is ideal for most.

Wedding sarongs have become extremely popular over the years for brides as well as something as simple as a white bikini top with some detailing. The key to any beach dress is being comfortable throughout. These types of weddings are more laid back and relaxed and the gown you go with should match the setting.

The final piece of the puzzle when thinking about a wedding package is the accessories. It can be easy to fall victim to heavy beading, but this should be deterred as it will make you increasingly uncomfortable and often looks tacky with a casual gown. Simple items like a little flower in your hair, a small seashell bracelet or even a leis can be fitting for the setting.

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